My Pungo Vs Necky 13 story

I wanted to get kayaks for the family so I spent a month reading about kayaks and looking for used kayaks on craigslist. I had my heart set on a Pungo 120 after reading reviews and watching videos. Well weekend three of my quest I found a Necky 13 in Montreal, not the Pungo 120 I wanted but it was to good of a deal to pass on so I bought it. The next day I took it for a paddle and was very impressed at how fast it went through the water, how well it turned and how it was cutting through the waves. I felt like a professional paddling this kayak even though it was only my second time ever paddling a kayak. Well yesterday concluded my quest for kayaks for the family. After almost 700 miles of driving I returned home triumphant with the last 2 kayaks we needed, another Necky 13 and finally my Pungo 120…a 2015 model with a carbon fiber paddle, spray skirt and cockpit cover thrown into the deal. Looking at the 2 different kayaks side by side you could see the Necky was more narrow and longer and just looked faster. After 14 hours of driving and having no sleep I told the fam lets take the kayaks out and try them. I get the kayaks in the water and get everyone set in their kayaks, and finally the moment I’ve been waiting for for over 30 days. I get into my Pungo that I had been obsessing about for a month and start paddling, immediately I notice the extremely large cockpit, the console were i will put my beer and dry spot i can put my phone in. As I’m paddling and noticing all these things I also notice how my wife and my 12 year old son are ahead of me despite my carbon light paddle and me being in the Pungo I wanted to badly. So after a 4 mile paddle I have come to a conclusion about the Pungo 120. It paddles nice and straight, it’s comfy, it looks nice and have nice creature comforts but if I had to compare…the Necky makes me like a very experienced kayaker even though I’m not, sure it doesn’t have a dash with a cup holder for my beer or a readily available spot for my phone but dam…i do love the look of the Necky and how it paddles and how fast it goes with so little effort. The Pungo…what can i say, it fell short for me with all that i read i expected more i guess. But i have to keep it because when i take my 4 year old she has to sit with me and there is def no room for a 4 year old in the necky so it looks i’m a pungo paddler till she graduates to her own kayak,lol. So like i said, the Necky makes me feel like a pro, and the Pungo makes me feel like a tourist in a rental. Just my opinion and hope it doesn’t offend.

So much to look forward to.
You should count yourself lucky, because you have no idea what lies before you in the world of kayaking. I would caution you though, it is going to cost a good bit of money to open up that world.

it gets worse
Soon the 4 year old will be a teen and she’ll want her own kayak, “at least 17’ long, beam 21”, please".

Shouldn’t be drinking beer while
paddling, especially with the family:


Necky 14
My wife has a Necky 14 which is very similar and I like paddling it every few trips.

Don’t feel bad about having a beer on the water; I enjoy one or two on a depending on the time of day and activity too… We often have water front concerts and activities where a beer is more than appropriate.

Love my beer
And nothing wrong with having a beer while backed into dead spot of water to enjoy the beauty that I’m seeing while kayaking. Usually 1 or 2 at most and always at the beginning of the trip. Yan, you live your life and I’ll live mine. I’m sure you could be judged by the way you live yours also, but most have this thing called a filter that prevents them from saying inappropriate things. You should get one!