My Sit Inside days are over. Maybe

I have preferred SOT for some time but today I took the Pungo 140 for a cruise around the lake.
A necessary piece of equipment I forgot was a relief bottle.
The coffee hit while I was too far from land. I got there but my bum leg refused to function so I could get out.
I did a wet exit to prevent a wet seat and then couldn’t stand up.
SOT have scuppers negating the need for all the attempted acrobatics.
Getting older is a hoot.

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Seems your presail checklist needs updating. Your real concern should be paddling away from shore and the relief bottle is not what you need when nature calls.

Hank, I’m mostly a lake shore and river paddler. And
the other system is far more patient than my bladder.

LOL…some things are not taught in ACA and BC courses. We just need to get creative, especially when in known sharky offshore waters. Good that your other system is more patient - mine has only caught me once.

Thank ye dear Lord for the ole bale bucket!
Tis receivethed my misgivings when land oho was Justuntucket.
So many paths in my canoe where the cup did runneth over,
my bucket spareth bluebird days a jaundice view white cliffs of dover.

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I’m a fan of SOT and “wetsuits” for awhile now. What’s there not to like… performance plus convience. :grin:

I’ve noticed my squeaky knee is starting to squawk more when getting up from a sitting position. Been pushing back this year with a regular routine of squats and deadlifts. Still achy but I assume it could be worse without strength training.


String, an inflatable float bag attached to a paddle at one end, and secured to a deck area at the other, acts as an outrigger adding stability for your Pungo while other distracting matters interfere with balance. The same setup works well in a pack canoe too.

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doc, that sounds good but I’m at the age where there is virtually no warning and seconds to react.
That is a good idea for getting out.

Paddle floats are wonderful outriggers for getting into your kayak…and for more creative purposes when nature calls far from shore.

At least you’re getting older!