My Summer Vacation

What I Did On My Summer Vacation
My back to school report (teacher).
Trip Duration 62 days
Miles driven 7,229 (Thor Compass RV- diesel) 16.1 average mpg
Paddling : 24 day trips, 170 miles, all done in a wavesport diesel ww kayak except 8 miles in tandem Saturn ducky, a few solo class I runs but mostly groups of three to six kayakers on class II-III, most of these runs were repeats but there were a few personal first descents (pfds) as well

Walking/Hiking 178 Miles (Carter Caves S.P., Natural Bridge S. P., Celina Lake, Turkey Run S.P., Badlands, Pacatola Lake, Yellowstone, Cascade NP, Deception Pass, Crater Lake, Curt Gowdy S.P., Knob Nobster S.P.)

Paddling by state:
Iowa: Upper Iowa River from Chimney Rock to Pole Line Road (3 days) class 1 float stream, nice rock formations, eagle sightings, surprisingly few paddlers, commercial shuttles on dusty dirt roads and private campgrounds with hook ups available

South Dakota: Spearfish Creek town run, class II that feels like an amusement park ride due to its narrowness, low bridges and overhanging foliage (Rapid Creek Canyon was too high to run)

Wyoming: North Fork of the Shoshone from Sleeping Giant to the Fish and Wildlife Access near Wapiti (2 days) fast moving (5 mph current) of class II, and a few class IIIs, one portage around a class 3+, Snake river canyon below Jackson, commercial raft traffic, class II-III+ wave train fun, funky swirling eddy lines, lunch counter rapid was big!

Idaho: South Fork of the Payette, sections between Sacajewa Springs and Pine Flats, We ran the section from Sacajewa to Bonneville twice, scout for wood near Bonneville, think wildlife like osprey and bear, twisty turny crystal clear class II and a few class III that will get your attention, Main Payette From Banks to Montour and ww course “the gutter” lots of commercial rafting traffic along a busy road just below Banks, class III river diminishes in intensity below beehive bend and becomes class I as it approaches Montour (a really nice place to camp), North Fork of the Payette Cabarton Run mostly class II with a bit of class III+ , beautiful scenery (osprey, eagles), took a swim at Howard’s Plunge (the diagonal wave was tougher at higher flow) but you swim right into a lake

Washington: Skagit Bends- pretty Class II-III, cold water, Cascade River- class II portage fest around log jams(we portaged three miles of the 6 mile trip) and averaged ½ mile per hour, finishing at dark, North Fork of the Nooksack- class II-III cold glacier melt below douglas fir campground, Elwa River- scrubbed due to low flow and debri below dam removal site
Oregon: Deshutes River near Maupin, confusing permit system, commercial raft traffic, high desert, Metolious- did first 8 miles in tandem ducky , then 17 more miles of very continuous class II-III down to Billy Chinook, must have ability to catch micro eddies to portage around wood and designated shuttle driver

Kansas : Kirwin Resevoir NWR, bank beaver, variety of waterfowl, wild hemp growing on banks, Wilson Lake- some motorized traffic, 11 miles was slow going in the wavesport diesel, emphasizes efficient paddling with good form,some campgrounds closed due to flooding

Vacation? Looks like a lifestyle.

ahhh but I had to come back home so I could go to work, Now my weekend paddling trips are just little “mini vacations”