My torso is too short for my PDF

One problem with an inflatable is that it will inflate when you practice self or assisted rescues. That type of practice needs to be done several times a paddling season.

Another problem is that you need to check the cartridges and replace them when necessary. Couple of years ago a MOB during the Chicago-Mackinac sailboat race resulted in the death of a sailor because of faulty cartridges on his inflatable.

That makes sense. Thank you.

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Hi there - so, I have to say first that I noticed in the reviews section that you and I both own an Advanced Elements Ultralite (purchased last year) and an Eddyline Rio (purchased this year). I am 4’11", and petite overall - usually a size 2, but also have a broader than average ribcage. I have the Onyx MoveVent in XS/S. Last year, when I used it with my Ultralite, I found that the back of the seat kept pushing it up on me. It was a little annoying but ok. Over the winter I did a lot of research and ordered an Astral V8, but it didn’t work for me at all - totally stuck out on the sides and just didn’t fit right so I returned it. But this year when I used the Onyx with my Rio for the first time, it worked great with it. No issues with the seat back pushing it up. (BTW, really loving the Rio, but also still keeping my Ultralite!)

Kokatat Hustler is great. Bought one for myself and the wife. I bought the rescue Hustler she got the regular one. World of difference not pushing up because it’s lower.

I had an ASTRAL V8 and sent it back the Hustler was way more comfortable.

I had a solquistTrekker which had a high back for 7+ years not bad either. Had few other kokatat vest before that.

And, replacing wafers & cartridges costs $24 to $48 (depending on the brand) each time I need to replace them on my auto-inflate systems previously used on my motor boat or when very infrequently used on my fishing SOT. Wafers have a shelf life and USCG/state maritime groups will check them for compliance during a safety check.

Have you had any luck with your PFD sizing? I found that the Khimera pfd from Mustang fits pretty nice for my torso. That and onyx make my favourite life preserver

Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I was told by a couple of people with same problem that the Stohlquist “Cruiser” was a good choice so I bought one and it is a great choice, very comfortable and doesn’t ride up. It’s perfect. I would recommend it to every woman with a short torso. Thanks for the input.

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