My torso is too short for my PDF

I’m a short female with a short torso. Every PDF I buy ends up riding up. Can anyone suggest a PDF brand or model that works for a adult sized but short torso?

What PFD are you currently using. I am a normally proportioned guy and I usually buy women’s PFD’s for the shorter torso length.

Are they riding up because something (like your seat back) is pushing them up? Or are they riding up because they are not fitting correctly around your torso?

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Good questions.

Have you considered the Onyx Curve MOVEVENT paddle sports pfd it is a really great vest especially for kayakers

Try the Kokatat MSFit. Better yet the Astral V Eight.

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Most common.

I’d try on a Stohlquist Cruiser.

Thanks for taking time out to answer me.

No. They are riding up because of my short torso.

I have a onyx. Not the Movevent though.

You are the 2nd person to advise me on that so I just bought one. Thanks, I hope it solves my problem.

Hope you find something that works well for you…not the same thing works out for everyone the same way because guess what we are all different…hahaha.thats a good thing.but the onyx curve movevent I really like to use out all my pfds

River kayakers often use short PFDs to fit above their spray skirts. That would be the place to look.

I have the same problem because I am very short waisted. I’m 5’ 5" overall but my upper body is more proportional to somebody 5’ 2" (long legs and long pelvis). I prefer Astral PFD’s because they seem to fit me better than other brands I’ve tried (Stohlquist, MTI, Onyx, Extrasport).

But I have still had trouble with ride-up even though my kayaks have very low lumbar backbands, I am careful to adjust the straps correctly on the vests and I usually don’t even lean against the backband when I am paddling. The PFDs are just a couple of inches too long in the body. I did get an Astral YTV (lower profile and more designed for whitewater) last year and it seems to fit better than the V8, Abba or Camano (all Astrals that I’ve collected over the years).

But I think their fit ranges may be a little oversized. Per measurements my 41" chest should be in the middle of their M/L which is why I have always bought that size. But I recently tried on a friend’s S/M Astral Abba (supposed to be 31" to 37" chest) and it actually fit me better than even the YTV M/L. It had never occurred to me to try a S/M. One drawback of ordering on line instead of buying in a store.

I borrowed a Yak brand PFD (a white water model made in the UK ) from the livery of the paddling club I tripped with when I was in England 3 years ago and I loved the fit of that, but have never been able to find them for sale this side of the pond. I guess I have a dumpy little British bod. This is similar to the one I borrowed:


I have been told that at least one of Astral’s models (the one, which came after the SeaWolf, don’t remember its name) don’t have any size differences in the PFD itself. All differences between small and large models are in the length of the straps.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer. I just ordered a Stohlquist “cruiser” on the advice of a couple of other shorties. I will look up that English company though. Thanks again.

Earlier this summer we replaced our old Kokatat MsFit Tour pfds with Astral Bluejackets. The fit is wonderful. The waist band can move up and down relative to the over-the-shoulder part which lets it cover a pretty large torso length range. Only downside is fewer storage options if you are used to the pockets and lashtabs on the Kokatat.

Yes, pockets are a drawback on Astrals. Much as I like my well-ventilated older model Astral V8 for hot weather paddling, it has pathetic pockets – a tiny mesh one and a little slit that fits nothing but a tethered whistle. My other 3 are not much better compared to many of the Kokatat, NRS and Stohlquist models.

I have wondered if the NRS Ninja would be a decent fit – it’s described as: “The Ninja is a great option for adults with short torsos”

Would the type of inflatable PFD that hangs around the person’s neck and inflates when it is submerged in water work for a short-waisted paddler? I am looking at something like the Mustang Survival MIT 100 Auto Activation PFD.