My Utah trip this May

10 day trip is a long time and my Summersong won’t cut it. So my friend Fat Elmo was kind enough to line me an Old Town Columbia. This one big boat 18’ big.


Loan me

Where are you headed? I really liked the Green River.

Have you checked predicted run off levels where you plan to paddle? We have a s—tload of snow in the Wasatch and Uintahs and it’s still full on winter on the first of April.

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Practice those eddy turns The Green will be a rolling… Check with Tex’s Riverways. Backpaddling practice too. Do you have a river guidebook? Very handy for not missing anything especially in a fast current.

Green river to the Colorado river

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kayakmedic, I’m going with Scott Bolser and John Vogt, both have been there before, Scott has been there 4 or 5 times.

Nearly 40 years ago a couple of old friends (extremely experienced outdoors adventurers ) did a tandem canoe trip down the Green to the Colorado during an unusually high Spring run off. I remember the slide show they shared with us of the trip – most sections they really didn’t even have to paddle, just used their paddles as rudders to direct their trajectory. Said it was truly a “float trip” and their most effort was expended slowing down enough in the high flow to be able to accurately land where they wanted for camping.

we are doing the Green in mid-May from Ruby Ranch to Spanish Bottoms… I have done from Mineral down in the Fall, so never at the higher levels. do you have a level you consider too high for loaded canoes?

Depends on your skill in fast water…Some campsites can only be reached by side channels. Eddy turns and backpaddling are a must have skill.

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You’re in for a great trip. Otherworldly. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to hike canyons along the way - it would be a sin to race through a place like that.
I’ve only done Ruby Ranch to Mineral Bottoms, but the fellow who I went with and knew the river pretty well suggested keeping it to ten paddling miles per day to allow for plenty of hiking time. Its a real “bucket list” trip. You’ll want to take plenty of photos and, knowing your eye, I bet they’ll be gems. Don’t forget to hike the Devil’s Garden trail at Arches while in the area.

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A wrinkle… Arches just started requiring reservations to visit it. Devils
Garden is worth it.Plan Your Visit - Arches National Park (U.S. National Park Service)

Also bring plenty of memory card for your camera. Some of the prettiest things I have ever seen are blooming cacti.

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