My wife has

a Tempest 170 by Wilderness Systems. I though I saw an owners group or club for them. I’ve searched the site and come up empty. Any help?


Try Here…

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BTW, putting Tempest in the subject would draw more attention than "My wife", on this board at least... :-)

it usually isn’t good news

Excuse me! I’m new to this forum and the way it incorporates the subject line and message. Sorry. I will try to remedy that in the future.

That being said, thanks for the link. It’s the one I was looking for.

No apology needed

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Obviously you don't realize the humor in our comments.

Stick around and you will see the other side.

Your "My wife has" left the field wide open....This is an open forum for advice, suggestions, and general help. Responses are in the form of help, humor, sarcasm and whatever so unless you can handle all sides then I would suggest you leave wifey out of the subject after all you typed it and who owned the Tempest was irrelevant.

Paddlin' on

Just call her “the bride” and everyone
will understand that you and she are madly in love and you would do anything to make her happy!