My wife wants a satellite radio

so she can listen to whiny girl groups from the 60s.I know squat about them . She wants it for her sewing room.

What do I need?

Here you go string

subscription based

You may need to stay out of hearing range of her sewing room “after” she gets her satellite radio.

I know I would…

Satellite radio tech info.; I have nothing to contribute.


Got a Computer in the Room?
I was at a get together last night and we were listening to free internet music. My buddy said it was called Pandora. Very nice.

You don’t like the Shirelles?!?

If you only listen to music
it’s great! But anything else is loaded with commercials.

Pay a monthly subscription and still have to listen to that BS? Might as well just stay with free over-the-air stuff. I ended up canceling my subscription



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Instead of an expensive subscription to satellite radio you could just buy her the two volumes of the best of the girl groups from Rhino. Here's the links

Also look for a copy of Phil Spector's "Back to Mono" (look on line for a used copy), and you'll have all the girl group songs worth listening to along with the Righteous Brothers to boot.

Get out cheap…
just sit there and sing to her!



If she has a computer or you can put one in the room, look into Winamp (or other similar players) and a set of good speakers. I use this throughout our house and we love it. You can find most any type of music you like and it’s free.

I love Jazz and there are no stations around here. I have found several on the internet I like. One of my favorites is from France of all places. I can’t understand the commercials either. :slight_smile:

Jack, I’ll come sing to you for an
hour and see if you still recommend that. Do you like Martha and the Vandellas?

try it
not that bit a deal… the sat radio is convenient and has a lot of different stations… I like the one that unplugs from the house to the car… not that hard to set up… it also plugs into your home stereo or you can get a boom box…

I now have most of the same channels on DTV after the merge and plenty of CDs that I burn, so will probably cancel when the receiver breaks, play CDs in the car or iPod and DTV at home…

Pandora vs Satellite
I’m in my vehicles almost 4 hrs a day 5 days a week and love my XM. Don’t have to worry about getting out of range, etc. That said, the Pandora is like nothing I could have imagined; it’s like “Fantasy radio.”

I type in “Lynyrd Skynrd” and I can listen to them and groups with a similar sound all day. I don’t like a song so I click on the “Thumbs down” sign and I’ll never hear it again on that “Channel.” Say I want to listen to “Metallica” for one hour and “Neil Diamond” the next, just type it in and make a “Channel” for it.

What’s more is I’ve never paid one, thin dime for it! I wish there were a way to get it in the car, because it’s like nothing else. I don’t remember who suggested it on a year or so ago, but “Thank you.”

I suggest you try the Pandora before laying out the cash for satellite. WW

too bad no Pandora
in OZ.

Their license agreement does not do international :frowning:

Pandora on the cell phone
If you’re in a good data area you can get a free Pandora app for the iPhone or the Pre. Use a tape or fm modulator and beam it to your car :wink: I use Pandora on my Pre all the time.

Doo Lang Doo Lang Doo Lang
doo lang doo lang

my sweet lord


George Harrison liked them whiny girl groups.