Myrtle Beach, SC info

I’ll be visiting Myrtle Beach,SC around mid-March. I’m looking for info on places to paddle, kayak rentals or kayak tours. I’ll be there 4 days and would like to spend one day on the water. Thanks!

Murrell’s Inlet…
Is located about 10-12 miles south of the heart of Myrtle Beach. I lived in MB for about 3 years and although I wasn’t kayaking at the time, I found Murrell’s inlet to be gorgeous location. There are plenty of intlet water areas and saltwater marsh areas that would be perfect for day tripping and exploring. If you want to get a taste for some open water, just follow any inlet out to the Atlantic for some coastal fun.

You might find this website helpful for yak rental/additional info.

It’s been many years since I’ve been back to Myrtle Beach, but one of the BEST places for a great seafood dinner is in Murrell’s Inlet and is called Flo’s. Nothing fancy–paper plates and plastic utensils–but great fresh seafood in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Have a blast and look forward to your trip report. Hey, let if you get a chance let me know if Flo’s is still in existance!!


2 cents
Yes, Murrell’s Inlet is the place to go. I would try to take advantage of high tide as much as your schedule permits. There is very little water in the Inlet at low tide, except for the main channels. There is a nice public put in beside a large, white Methodist church. You cannot miss it.

loved it
The kw cafeteria is a great place to eat. There is public parking where you can carry your boat down to the beach and do a surf launch but please wear a helmet, a good spray skirt and this is like going thru class 1 or 2 or class 3 rapids depending on breaking surf. Smile realx and wiggle your hips. Paddled glider everyday but one day during Christmas week the last 2 years and it was wonderful with fuzzy rubber farmer john. Wear high top shoes or really tie shoe laces around your ankle to keep shoes on if you get trashed. I love a hands on the paddle platypus hydration system. Water that comes in also goes out so please consider rip tides that will move you out from shore. The inland water way near morehead city and charleston and north side of isle of palms is excellent.

Murrells Inlet paddling/eating
We live at the south end of Myrtle Beach and paddle every chance we get in the creeks and salt marsh of Murrells Inlet, which is 10-15 min. south of Myrtle Beach city limits. The main road through Murrells Inlet has lot of restaurants backing up to marsh/creek. If you go past the public boat ramp next to Methodist Church (which can get pretty crowded with boat traffic) for another mile or so, you’ll see a tiny park called Morse Landing, which is right next to the Hot Fish Club Restaurant. This is a great place to park and put in. If you put in here and paddle north, you’ll be running close to shore to view some nice homes and the row of restaurants past Capt. Dick’s Marina. The restaurants have docks where you can tie up. One of our favorite places is the Dead Dog Saloon, which has a covered deck/bar area and live entertainment every night and weekends. Morse Landing is also directly across the creek/marsh from the inlet to the ocean. If you zig-zag through the creek to get out to the inlet, there are some nice private beaches only accessible by boat. Just make sure you check the tide charts and don’t go out/come in within a couple of hours of low tide, or you’ll end up in nothing but muck. There’s also the Intercoastal Waterway with lots of creeks connecting to it, and quite a few public boat landings where you can put in. The water temp will probably still be in low 50’s in March even if air temp is 60-70’s on good days. Enjoy your visit. Oh, yes, Flo’s Place is still alive and kicking in Murrells Inlet (it will be one of the first restaurants you pass driving south).

don’t wear your hat into flo’s or she wi

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will take it and nail it to the ceiling! that will teach you manners! Black river outdoors expedition center is a great kayaking shop and offers guided trips ,rentals, the whole deck of cards..... in myrtle there is a kayaking center at the intersection of 501 and oak st (old 17 ) across from the piggly wiggly which also has everything. ( propably the most complete shop I've ever seen!)I unfortunately can't remember the name, but it is in the yellow pages, or as we southerners would say" you go to where the old ocean surf shop was ,next to the silver hook resturaunt that closed ,across from the 501 piggly wiggly.

BrookGreen gardens
maybe 30-40mins south of MB on the main highway…one of the premier sculpture gardens in the entire United STates…and a bit further south beautiful blackwater paddling

Myrtle Beach area paddling
The local shop with rentals is Sailing & Ski Connection; 843-626-7245, Denise is the manager, Ladd can help, too.

They offer sea, surf and rec kayaks as well as canoes for rent.

If you want to try blackwater river paddling, you just can’t beat Conway, SC. It’s about 10 minutes inland from Myrtle Beach. The Waccamaw river runs through downtown Conway…a decent manrina is there, too. The Waccamaw runs to Winyah Bay, then into the Atlantic.

I’ve lived in this area for 25+ years…have had the same canoe for more than 20 years, and have several types of kayaks, too.

This really is a great area to enjoy all types of boating.



just got back from MB…
…spent the last two weeks there. Did not get out much because it was unseasonably cold and windy.

The Waccamaw, at least the sections that are the intracoastal waterway, did not look especially inviting to paddle, but just past Conway on 501, near the electric company, I saw what appeared to be a great spot; a nice “cypress swampy” section.

Murrells Inlet is a saltmarsh, and the previous poster who advised you to pay attention to the tides should be heeded. It gets very shallow, not just AT low tide, but for hours before and after. And (as Mr. T used to say) I pity the fool who gets stranded out there…the razor-edged oyster shells will chew up your old tennis shoes in no time (not to mention what they will do to your hull). Also,very easy to get lost/bottom out, if you do not stick to the main channel (I studied the USGS topo maps before going out, but it looks totally different at each tide stage).

If you want to paddle some scenic, moving water, you may want to drive a half hour south to Georgetown. Lots of different paddling experiences; there are two outfitters there. I can give you more info if you email me (also for Murrells Inlet put-in info, etc.)

Flo’s lives on, but I think Flo is deceased…no need to worry about your cap anymore. The Dead Dog had a pajama party on the 28th (I forgot my Yuengling Mug I paid for…too preoccupied, I guess). Would also suggest Nance’s (to eat and/or to put in) & Drunken Jack’s (the restaurant and/or the island!)