Myrtle Beach, SC paddling

Anyone know of paddling spots near Myrtle Beach, SC? I am going with the family for a week in July and will be taking the kayak. I am trying to stay out of the ocean as I am a novice. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Head a little north to…
Huntington Beach state park in NC, and there is some good estuarie paddling there.

We saw a couple of river otters playing in one of the marsh rivers.

Just make sure you get a tide chart so you won’t get caught at low tide in the mud flats.



Also a little north, just across the
NC state line. Go through Calabash NC to Sunset beach. Intercoastal waterway, salt marsh, tidal creeks etc with good access. Also go a lfew more miles farther north to the back side of Ocean Isle beach, Shallote river/inlet is a fun place. Or south to Murrells inlet just south of Myrtle Beach (although I’ve never personally paddled there). String knows of a great blackwater river paddle close by. Maybe he’ll see this and help you out.

I’ve paddled a few times at the very north end of North Myrtle Beach. The area is called Cherry Grove and the inlet there is called Hog Inlet. There are some nice tidal areas inland from the inlet and if you paddle across the inlet there is a totally undeveloped stretch of beach over there. I’ve done a lot of kayak fishing and paddling around there…it is very nice. Just watch the tides because the current can rip out of the inlet at 3 or 4 knots sometimes.



MB paddling

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Murrells Inlet is a great place. There is a nice put in on the Murrells Inlet road (I can't remember the name, but there is only one road that goes along the inlet) beside a large, beautiful Methodist church. It is well-labeled. The inlet is huge and there is lots to see. At high tide you can paddle almost anywhere, at low tide you are restricted to the main channels. Murrells is slightly South of MB.

Huntington is in SC, not NC
Huntington Beach State park is still in SC:

There is also the area around Hunting Island State Park in that is down near Beaufort:

If you do go north to NC, there is a whole network of paddle trails:

On good days, the surf at Myrtle Beach
is pretty calm. It shouldn’t present too many problems, depending on your kayak.

just a little north of the entrance to…
Huntington Beach SP is an unmarked road with a small sign that says “oyster shell drop-off.” Follow this road back to a “fisherman’s beach” that is a perfect put-in. You can paddle south into the park or north into Murrell’s Inlet.

AS others have said, check the tides…it is very easy to get stranded if caught in the tide & the oyster shells are not kind to boat hulls.

The Weeki - Wakki(sp) Landing is on

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the Waccamaw River opposite(north of) Merrill's Inlet, which is south of MB. From there you can paddle a cut- through to the Great Pee Dee River. If you go to the right on the Waccamaw, cross the river, and look on the left , there are several large creeks that are great for paddling. They are quiet and secluded. It is not unusual to hear owls at mid-day, see alligators, Promenthory Warblers, and once I saw a bobcat.
The only caution is crossing the Waccamaw and Pee Dee. It is part of the Intercoastal Waterway and carries many large boats.

MB paddling
I live in the area. A couple of my favorite spots are on the Waccamaw River. In Conway, which is just east of MB on Hwy 501 there is Riverfront Park in downtown Conway. I put in here frequently. It’s nice, easy rec paddling with plenty of interesting sights. Also, you can access the Waccamaw from the Bucksport area, which is off of Hwy 701S. I put in at Bucksport marina. There is an abundance of wildlife and many coves to explore.