Myrtle Beach?

Taking the family to see the beach this year. I haven’t done any research yet but was hoping for some ideas to get started. We canoe and like primitive camping but campgrounds are not out of the question. Any ideas out there for a place to combine a trip to the ocean camping and canoeing? No canoes on the ocean please. Never done that and would rather it be a lake or river close by. Thanks

a bit more south
Huntington beach state park

if you search
South Carolina State Parks using Google Maps…blue titles are hyperlinks…see estuaries in that backyard.

Summertime, there are yellow green blue and speckled biting flies, 5 pound mosquitos, fleas of various weights and heights.

I hear the Upper Peninsula is cool and breezy.

Lots of opportunities.
Huntington Beach State Park lets you campground camp right next to the ocean, and you can drive short distances to launch in salt marshes - Oyster Landing - Pawley’s Island sound side launches, etc., or in the rivers passing nearby, out to Sandy Island, etc.

If you go north of Myrtle Beach up to NC, you can camp on undeveloped barrier islands such as Masonboro Island, Lee Island, Bear Island, Shackelford Island, Cape Lookout. These would have you paddling across salt marsh and ICW to camp on the barrier islands, right on the ocean beach again. But primitive camping. So lots of primitive camping available on ocean beaches without having to paddle in the ocean. But these would be canoe camping, not car camping. So it depends on how primitive you and your family really want to get.

Waccamaw river
Would fit for you.

Upstream of Conway is a very nice paddle with ample river side camping along the way. Suggest you look at put ins starting at Rte 9 in N. myrtle beach. The river is narrow (perhaps 30 yards),and fairly remote. Ferguson’s guide to the Palmetto state is a good resource.

There are outfitters who could run shuttle for you.