Mysterioso-appropriately named

I can’t seem to get a handle on this stuff, but I know that the P-Net gurus are all the way around it. Even their own website isn’t real clear, so could someone help me with a few questions?

  1. Is it a neoprene substitute? I can’t find anywhere where it says “use this in place of neoprene”. Can I snorkel or scuba with it in water 70 degrees and up the way I would with a 3 mm wetsuit? It seems like a lot of folks use it strictly as a base layer.
  2. Is it machine washable, or rinse and dry like neoprene?
  3. What are the other products that are similar? Seems like there are a lot of other products that may have slight differences.

    I need something for South La. winters where the water temps rarely get below 55 and air temps range from 25 to 80. If I did go swimming, it would be quick, since any winter paddling I do would be close to shore. Neoprene is a pain in the a** to put on and take off, as well as the smell issues, etc. This seems like it would be the ticket.

Base layer
If you wear poly or lycra under the wetsuit it will be easier to get on and off and greatly reduce the smell factor. I have similar paddling conditions with less humidity here in AZ. Our water temp is 53 and air 60-70. The wet suit is too heavy. I have used isofleece which is rated to 2mm equiv and breathes well but I lost weight and it does not fit well enough anymore. I would also like to see some info before investing in more gear. There is no one here that carries this gear and I would have to order or go out of town.

For Water Under 60
Mysterioso is not going to offer you any extended protection, especially in a swim. It’s basically like .5 mm smooth face neo over micro fleece material. Great stuff for a base layer, or for warmer water temps. The smooth face eliminates evaporative cooling.

It’s like the claim of NRS that Hydroskin provides the equivilent of 2 mm wetsuit protection. Bull. I have a 2 mm wet suit. Much warmer than Hydroskin. But hydroskin is great for rolling and rescue practice in warmer temps, say 70 degree water.


My Mysterioso is thick soft fleece-like
Warm to wear under things as a base layer. I sometimes wear the turtleneck as a top layer if it isn’t too cold. Not a substitute for hydroskins or neoprene.

Your Milage May Vary
Any time we talk about what might be adequate protection, we need to keep in mind that indiviual responses will vary. You need to test gear in controled conditions before you really depend on it.

I use a Mysterioso top and 3mm farmer John for short off shore trips and occaionally kayak surfing in NORCAL. Ocean water temps here vary between 50-58 degrees. For me, Kayak surfing includes sudden wipeouts on most trips. I surf SOTs, so a wipeout is total emersion. I have also been worked in the surf zone for maybe 10-15 minutes before I could remount my SOT.

Mysterioso is NOT adequate protection for PROLONGED emersion in water under 55 degrees. That 10-15 minute emersion in 50 degree water was pushing the limits for me.

For me, the main value of Mysterioso is it acts as a shock absorber when you unexpectedly hit cold water. Cold water seeps in, rather than the full sudden impact of cold water against bare skin. Check out the post on GASP reflect. If you reduce the intial shock you can keep control of your body long enough to reenter the boat, or swim to shore.

Board surfers use Mysetrioso to cushion the shock of a wipeout in cold water, but they count on getting back out of the water quickly. Same thing with kayakers. It cushions the intial shock and buys you a few minutes to get your butt out of the water.

Mysertiosos in not totally interchangable with neoprene. A 3mm farmer john and Mysterioso top is a lot more comfortable than neoprene, easier to dress and undress, or use the bathroom, but not as much protection as a full suit.

I think the instructions are to wash on gentle cycle and hang to dry. That’s what I do.

It would probably be fine for diving in 70 degree water, but I quit diving when I came to NORCAL , so I don’t realy know.

I would think it’s be adequate
for short swims in water 65-70+ degree temps. Thing to do would be to give it a try, and see how you feel. I use it as base layer with a 3mm famer jane in the winter here (water 50-55 degrees) but tend to use the pants sans wetsuit when it’s warner, or when traveling to warmer waters. I love it as abase layer and I feel warm and dry mucg quicker than when wearing neoprene solo as it wicks the moisture a way from you.

I wash mine on cold, in the gentle cycle, and dry on low.

Mysterioso is a super-fine polyester
material with a nylon/spandex shell. It will keep you warm when wet, but it can become saturated and will not work well then. You can wring it out, and it will work well then.

Neoprene is a closed-cell, foam-like material that has pockets of sealed nitrogen in the material itself. It can not become fully saturated and retains body heat by the insulating effects of the nitrogen pockets.

Different Products
apparently under the Mysterio brand. There is the smooth nylon/spandex covering over micro fleece. And, there is a another material call “Neocore” which has .5 mm neo over the micro fleece which is what I am familiar with. I would think the latter is a tad bit more insulating than the former.


Also called Power Stretch
The “smooth nylon/spandex covering over micro fleece” is called Power Stretch by Malden Mills. The red colored tops are on sale at REI for 1/2 price now. This material is not only excellent for on-water use but also as a base or mid-layer for skiing, mountain biking, hiking, etc.

Your Body Fat May Vary ----

I’m comfy in Hydroskin stuff down to about 63 F, for prolonged immersion, colder if I’m just going to tip over and climb back in.

…it’s an excellent layer, top and bottom, for wear under a drysuit here in Washington. I took a nice swim last Saturday, in fact. Very nice and comfy.