Mysterioso vs. neophren

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We're in this funny season when the air temperature is considerably lower than the water temperature. I'm wondering which is more warm IN AIR: Mysterioso (fuzzy rubber kind of thing) or your regular, try and true wet suit?

The reason I ask is the Mysterioso is way more comfortable when dry. Instead of 3mm of solid rubber, it's got fleece underneath. In air, it felt pretty warm, probably good for 45 or even 40 degree, which is what the air temperature is right now. The question is, of course, what temperature of water is it good for.

I know my wet suit is good enough for the nearly 60 degree water right now. But since I never worn my wet suit in such cold AIR weather, I'm actually a bit worry I might be cold during breaks and lunch!

Granted, every individual is different. But I'm wondering what others who have used both think.

Similar To HydroSkin, Or 5 MM Neo
for in water immersion. The difference is that the slick exterior doesn’t retain water so there is less evaporative cooling that can happen when you’re out of the water. Plus/minus depends. If is windy chilly day with relatively warm water, then the nylon face stuff can end up being chilly for the evaporation. Mysterio minimizes that. On the other hand, when air temp is warm/hot, the evaporation of the nylon face feels good.

As in most things, there is a ying/yang to it.


Ads calim that it’s equvalent to 3mm neo

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in the water. Aside from the sexy looks polartec's aquashell with velour outside is superior in warmth and far superior in wear.

Does not look as sexy though ;-)

Kokatat Surfskin
Being that the question was for out of water warmth: A variation on the fuzzy rubber theme is a solid non-porous exterior that cuts down considerable on wind chill/evaporative cooling is the material used by Kokatat in their Surfskin line. Polar fleece sort of knapp to the interior rubbery skin that is smooth faced exterior. Quite comfy and works well during the Fall/Late Spring Seasons where a drytop/suit is just too much. In the water, it’s good. Probably not quite as insulative as 3mm neoprene but definitely makes a difference.

Another similar fabric is the Mystery fabric from NRS. Not as pliable as the Surfskin and not the same loft to the fleece. Also not as much $. The shiny finish on the NRS Mystery definitely makes for a good superhero costume. The adventures of Sealman and Anchovie Boy! Ok, rolling too much today.

See you on the water,


I’ve have SurfSkin, Hydroskin, Mystery
Pants, Lngslv shirt/shorts, Lngslv shirt … I like the SurfSkin the best – better wind and drip protection than the Hydroskin, faster drying, and just as warm. Mystery is probably warmer but fairly stiff feeling – might sell it soon. I’ve checked out some of the Mountain Surf Aquashell material in a store – it seemed like it would be a warmer, tougher version of SurfSkin, and moref lexible than the Mystery material (which is great for hoods since you don’t really need flexibility there).

Went out on Mysterioso
Went out this weekend. With air temperature in the 40’s and water temperature in the upper 50’s, I opted to go out in Mysterioso. I like it better than the wetsuit. So I’ll stick with it for the time being.

Unlike the wet suit, the material was not wind proof. So I had to put a dry top on. (I could have used a wind-proof paddling jacket instead. The water was warm enough. But I prefer to have the dry top just in case).

I found the best part of non-neophren material is, even though I sweat a bit when paddling hard, the moisture doesn’t make me feel clamy. It must have something to do with the fleece like material next to the skin. It felt pretty dry and quite warm.

Next weekend will probably be the last paddle, till spring comes.