Mystery canoe- - - -Help!!!

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Nick Kelly submitted the "photo of the week"(Paddling Net) taken on the Isabella River in the BWCA; can anyone positively identify the georgous canoe that apears in that photo.
Heartfelt thanks to all responders.

Sure looks like a Bell

I would agree.
looking at the:



lettering placement, color, and size

foredeck and gunwale

I would also say it was a Bell Canoe.

Now don’t ask which one! ;^)

Happy Paddl’n!



Wild guess …
I think it might be a Bell Flashfire.


I think it’s a Mae West Hotflash.

Not a Flashfire
It’s not a Flasfire… because the Flashfire doesn’t have the large tumblehome planes just below the rail. There is a sharp tuck just below the rail with a short bubble. If it’s a Bell it’s a Magic… that happens to be seriously out of trim.

Nice picture though


I thought …

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I thought it had too much tumblehome for a Flashfire, but wrote some of it off as the reflection from the water causing distortion.
Also, the pack appears to be right behind the seat. Didn't look to me like there was enough length left over from where the pack ends to the end of the stern for it to be a 16 footer.

20 years from now it won't be a matter of any consequence, but I really do want to know what it is?


Pack Location
You don’t think the pack might have been placed so it would be prominant in the photo do ya? Looked like there was an affiliation with Duluth Pack.

Couldn’t someone email the guy who sent in the photo?

I have that picture on my desktop,I got it from the Duluth pack site.That is a really nice looking boat.


Bell Magic for sure, There is one just
like it same color and all in Wes d’s boat house. It’s one fine boat.