Mystery Canoe identification

I picked up a canoe this past fall and I’m trying to identify it mostly out of curiousity. 16 foot, fiberglass, no HIN part numbers etc of any kind. Original seats were replaced (with tongue n groove hardwood) and I suspect thwarts are redone in hardware store aluminum u-channel. Original colour was light blue, previous owner painted it red. Hoping maybe the deck plates or underside are unique to a particular manufacturer. Gunwales are aluminum, appear original. Has built in flotation for and aft and built-in seat mounts that are factory fiberglass. As a noob

I can only post one picture right now.

I’m in Alberta Canada, in case its a regional company.

I get the curiosity, but based on what has been done to it, I wouldn’t worry about it much at all. Without a HIN, it is a crap shoot and that looks pretty generic.

That seems like a clear example of “paddle it and don’t worry about it at all”