Mystery Canoe

I’ve got a 10’6" 23 lb 27-inch wide solo canoe that I think was produced by Blackhawk Canoes in the mid 1990s but I’m not sure. Inside the hull there is a hand written signature “Larry Howard” and beneath that name is written “Larietta” though exact spelling is difficult to figure out.

Anybody know what i might have? Anybody know what the value might be?

Paddle it and you’ll know it’s value…
…to you. Pack canoes are a special interest. For most people they have no value at all. (Includes me.) For a few nut jobs they are intensely interesting and useful.

If you could change the title

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you would get people that know more about Blackhawk canoes.

What is the HIN? Or at least the first letters which denote manufacturer.

Its a small boat. I don't think Blackhawk ever made pack canoes.

At best you would get a few hundred if its a Blackhawk but by golly that is light for a Blackhawk..

go find those letters.

Only two that are close…

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The only 2 Blackhawks I know remotely close to the length you describe are the shortest version of the (Blackhawk Shadow)which is about 11.7 feet in length, and the(Blackhawk Proem) which is about 11.10 feet in length

I doubt that a Proem is what you have.
The Proem's width is about 24 inches with 4 inch waterline, and about 26 inch width at the gunwale.

Neither boats are great examples of stability; especially in the hands of paddlers with few paddling skills.

I have a Proem & two of the short versions of the shortest Shadow. If you like; feel free to contact me via pnet mail. I could send photos, when I get a chance to do so.


P.S. Ezwater: I think I might qualify as a Blackhawk "nut job";I love older boats.
I'll give you 50 bucks for that "old tub" (Genesis aka Exodus?) that you have. I want to turn it into a flower bed, or a sandbox for my grandnieces & grand nephews. :^)