Mystery Old Town 18' canoe

I am looking at an Old Town Canoe that is for sale, but I cannot figure out the model. It is said to be 18 feet long, 33.5" wide and 12 inches deep in the centre. It is a Kevlar boat with a foam core laminate diamond shaped floor pad. The shape is like a modern asymmetrical touring canoe and not the traditional shape like say a Canadienn. The hull number does start with XT (Old Town)

Any ideas? My friend is looking for a good family canoe that would be similar to my Sawyer Cruiser 222.



This is probably the 1980’s Columbia. It was the best composite canoe made by Old Town.

The Sawyer 222 or X-17, the White Lightning, and the Wenonah 18’ Sundowner would be good comparisons. The 222 is larger volume, but paddling is similar.

Not the lightest kevlar hull, but very strong and the finish on the Old Towns was beautiful.


Thank you

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I cannot find much info on the Columbia, but I believe you. your notes on vol. vs. the 222 is helpful too.

Do you think that it would make a better flatwater tripping canoe for a young family of four (kids 5 and 7) then a Swift Temagami or Bluewater Explorer 17/9?
My thinking would be that the Old Town being narrower and lower would make a more nervous boat, but on the other hand it would be easier for the kids to reach the water. Though overall I think that I would take higher and wider.

This is URL the ad with some pictures: