Mystery P&H sea kayak?

I saw a boat yesterday in a Fayetteville WV outfitter that interested me. From P&H, sign said “Orion”, appeared to be about 16’-6" (leaning vertically against a wall beside a Perception Carrolina 16). Rotomoulded, ruddered, no day hatch installed - but a moulded spot for one. Clerk said it retailed for about $1300.

When I got home I checked P&H’s website - No rotomoulded Orion! C&K’s Buyer’s Guide doesn’t list one either.

Can anyone shed light on this hull?


there is a photo of one
in Derek Hutchinson’s Eskimo rolling book, which would indicate its an older design.

This one
is brand spankin’ new. Latest graphics, and a Sealine rudder system.


long standing model

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The Orion is a Derek Huchtinson design for P&H. It has been around for a long time. In composite, these days, it seems, P&H makes them by request only - preferring to market their more recent models.

I've not heard of a poly version.

The Gulfstream is Hutchinson's adaptation of the Orion for Current Designs. Derek says they are the same boat. They do appear very similar, but some here have noted differences. I would imagine, like the differences between Gulfstream and Sirocco, there would be differences between composite and roto Orions.

Didn’t spend much time

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in the shop, but I did feel along teh chines. Fairly pronounced chines, with what felt like a mild V hull. Most definately not similar to a Gulfstream.


I wonder if it is actually a Cappella that the shop mis-labeled?

P&H never made a rotomolded ORION
They made various molds on the P&H capella, but no the orion. The orion was only made in glass.

the capella is 16’6" and 22" wide.

If you saw an older older P&H capella in poly it might confuse you into thinking you saw something other than a capella.

Of course I’m confused!
I have no frame of reference as to what an Orion or a Capella look like! Those designs apparently never made it to southern WV. The sign on the boat in the shop said “P&H ORION”. The boat is shiny new. The material is plastic. Its 16 feet plus long. It has pronounced chines. It has a Sealine rudder sustem (in production I estimate for less than 4 years).

For all I know, Derek Hutchinson might have swallowed fifty pounds of poly chips, grunted hard and squeezed a new design out.

And thats why I asked the question.


P&H Catalog
I picked up a 2005 P&H catalog in early April. It is most likely a Capella RM which comes in two flavors - a 16’4" and a 16’7". Other than the length, volume and weight differences (54 vs. 57 lbs.) the rest of the measurements are identical. It can also be fitted with an optional Sealine rudder. The other P&H polyethylene models use a different optional rudder and are shorted than 15’. Color would be sunbeam (yellow/orange), red, ocean (light blue), or Lava (orange/red).

Hope this helps.


I believe you have solved the mystery. Color is orange/red. Now if I can convince the shop that they do not know what they are talking about, I could tell them it is actually a WW boat and should retail for $900!