mystery solo race canoe

-- Last Updated: Oct-02-09 4:02 PM EST --

Does anyone recognize this solo racing canoe that I noticed for sale?

if the link does not work, sear race canot in for the Toronto area.

It is an older(?) marathon solo canoe with the typical "wings", it has gel coat, the material is unknown by the vendor. Notably, the depth steps up just at the stern. The vender had no information on it, other than he bought it from a racer and is selling it for what he paid.

Clipper J180?
I looked at the OMCRA (Ontario Marathon Canoe Racing Association) site (listed on the back of the boat). In the classified section someone was selling a Clipper J180 C1 with a cut down stern. I looked at the Clipper web site but did not see it there.

cut-down to reduce windage
It is not the same ad. Though, the comment about the cut-down stern probably applies here, especially as the former owner was a female. She could have cut-down some freeboard to reduce weight and windage. She would have left it full height at the stern bulkhead. Thanks.