Mystery to me Mohawk

Seeking information about this model of Mohawk canoe.
It is a 13 footer, in Royalex layup, has wood trim, and was designed as a whitewater solo.
Decal on side says Wave, and has some otherwords I can’t decipher.

Any information, or old photos you have would be appreciated.
Where are you Pete?


The hull shape looks to me like an XL 13, Bob. I haven’t seen an XL 13 with wood trim, but it might have been rerailed.

Agree…it certainly looks like an XL13.

Never occurred to me that it might be a rerailed (with wood trim) XL 13.
Come to think of it; I’ve never seen a wood trimmed XL 13 either .
I’ve owned two XL 13; both are pictured.


The Wave decal really threw me.
For a second or two I thought “prototype” that was never produced.
I have to agree with you & stevet.


The XL13 had two different hull shapes, as shown in your photos. I do not know what year they changed the mold but I am pretty sure it must have been mid 1990s or before. The original had relatively straight sides amidships like the green boat. The successor had significantly more gunwale tuck amidships like the red boat.