Mythic Drysuits

They are still in business, anyone have a Mythic Drysuit or any user reviews? I’m considering one for the shoulder paddling months in N IL.

just ordered one from them,
I’ll let you know how it goes.

I bought one of the first.
The suit was recalled before I ever got it wet because the manufacturer substituted cheap gaskets for the one paid for. I have used it on Lake Superior, and locally in the spring when water was cold.

It would be nice if it had pockets, but it is a minimal suit to keep the price down. It works as advertised, and I have not had any leaks.

got the basic mythic suit in
and tried it on, no frills but looks fully functional and for a front suit I could zip it myself, without having to reach over my shoulder, no problem so far- one of the easier suits to put on. I’ll let you know after I take a swim, the true test of how well a drysuit works.

I have a Mythic Matsu Unisex Drysuit. I live in Illinois. I use this suit all winter long all over the place from The Mississippi River to small lakes and rivers as well as Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.

I just purchased one of the ‘bright yellow’ basic suits. I’ve used it a couple times, most recently on New Years Day. It kept we very dry (although I was never submerged) and was a great wind shell. So far it has worked well. I will probably try a ‘submersion’ test later this spring.

So far so good. Good Product

Just remember that a dry suit by itself has no insulation at all and if you sweat it’s trapped inside, so you want insulation layers unaffected by moisture, synthetics or wool.

Put it on and wade out in the water you’re paddling in to see if the insulation you’re wearing is warm enough. You can still get hypothermia with a dry suit.

Bill H.

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i’ve tried to find an online site or a phone number for mythic gear. what i have seen is that the store in rockport, maine is permanently closed. do you have any updated contact info? i’m interested in an inky or perhaps a newer model if available. thanks

enki not inky

daniel, how did you order your mythic gear drysuit. i can’t seem to find an online site?

I know Bob is now living in the United Kingdom so you will be better served looking elsewhere. I have no idea what happened to the suits. They did work.

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thanks for that. i’ll look for some other reasonably priced quality drysuit. if the world situation was a little different i’d be going to baja.

mythic appears to be no more, I had one of their suits and sold it to a friend, it was a bit long (baggy) for me. Another source for “cheap” drysuits is
be sure to read the info carefully, some of the drysuits are actually semi dry, which I actually prefer for what I do (shorter immersion times on small rivers and creeks). As I recall the company is based in the U.K. but ships from their warehouse in Michigan. Ordered twice from them with prompt delivery, and the products and sizing was as advertised.

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thanks, i’ll check it out today.

Mythic was out of Rockport ME… Founder and wife moved to the UK two years ago so he could pursue a Masters in Marine Archaeology. Now the pursuit is a Doctorate and it seems permanent UK residence is likely as their son is there too.

TDaniel with that link you supplied to the company in the UK I wonder if Mythic was enveloped into that ( and rebranded). I would think Bob would be the type to continue to be involved.

I don’t think mythic was rebranded into it, rather the drysuits (or semi-drysuits) watersportsoutlets sells were marketed overseas (and probably made in china) to kite boarders, sailors, wind surfers. Watersportsoutlet tends to be a bit cheaper and sell off brands like gul and typhoon. In the ww rafting industry, here in wv, I think this type of suit is sometimes referred to as a 'smoker" but not sure where that term originated. I’ve currently got a palm, 2 stolquist, kokatat, gul, and typhoon suit. The last two being semi dry and purchased at the site previously mentioned. I’m happy with the results and the $360 price tag of the gul and typhoon suit.

I know I’ll be shot, or at least tarred and feathered, but the kokatat is the least favorite of my bunch. A lot of that has to do with the cut or fit. Also, on the durability scale, I found the kokatat breathes a little too well (damp) after some use or abuse. In girth and through the shoulders I tend to run XL but in height just L. The stolquist and other brands fit me better. Suspenders built inside the gul and typhoon suit are a nice touch. You can walk around with your suit half on and it won’t fall down around your ankles and you won’t trip over the sleeves. I totally get that these budget semi-drysuits might not be for you if long term immersion in really cold water is your prefered paddling environment. My paddling environment is fairly narrow class II-III rivers and creeks. I do boat year around, sometimes in below freezing air temps and do venture out west in the summer. I like the economy, comfort and durability of a semidry for that scenario.

Tar can present
Feathers no. Dog fur yes
Cork pop gun yes
I agreevwith you on Kokotat.
Not meant for pesr shaped women
When I get a bottom to fit I can put entire down coat under the top

I have a yellow Mystic drysuit and haven’t used it in 4 years. Been in climate controlled storage, but now I see the black latex neck and cuffs need replacing. I want to sell it but would rather fix it first. I’m aged out of the hobby now. The size is XXL and I was 6’3" and 240 pounds. Does anyone know where I might go to find ‘universal’ latex cuffs and neck that I could replace the old ones with?

Try NRS they have them.