Mythic Drysuits

They are still in business, anyone have a Mythic Drysuit or any user reviews? I’m considering one for the shoulder paddling months in N IL.

just ordered one from them,
I’ll let you know how it goes.

I bought one of the first.
The suit was recalled before I ever got it wet because the manufacturer substituted cheap gaskets for the one paid for. I have used it on Lake Superior, and locally in the spring when water was cold.

It would be nice if it had pockets, but it is a minimal suit to keep the price down. It works as advertised, and I have not had any leaks.

got the basic mythic suit in
and tried it on, no frills but looks fully functional and for a front suit I could zip it myself, without having to reach over my shoulder, no problem so far- one of the easier suits to put on. I’ll let you know after I take a swim, the true test of how well a drysuit works.

I have a Mythic Matsu Unisex Drysuit. I live in Illinois. I use this suit all winter long all over the place from The Mississippi River to small lakes and rivers as well as Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.

I just purchased one of the ‘bright yellow’ basic suits. I’ve used it a couple times, most recently on New Years Day. It kept we very dry (although I was never submerged) and was a great wind shell. So far it has worked well. I will probably try a ‘submersion’ test later this spring.

So far so good. Good Product

Just remember that a dry suit by itself has no insulation at all and if you sweat it’s trapped inside, so you want insulation layers unaffected by moisture, synthetics or wool.

Put it on and wade out in the water you’re paddling in to see if the insulation you’re wearing is warm enough. You can still get hypothermia with a dry suit.

Bill H.