N.American Watershed Map wanted? help

Anyone know where i can get a very large watershed map of N. America?

Trying to find a detailed river/lake map without all the roads/highways and stateline/provense boundary lines etc???

thanks for the help


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The only thing I’ve seen as detailed (and lack ing detail) that you’re describing is “Professor Higbee’s Stream Map.” It’s available for a few states, but not the whole country.


I have the one for New York State and it is amazing! Every lake, pond, stream, river and creek is on it, without the roads or politcal boundries. Unfolded, mine is more than 6 feet by 6 feet.

It was originally developed for anglers, but it will make any paddler’s eyes popout!

here is a resource…

Use the Ask a Cartographer tab…

try this
Actually, you are asking a lot of your map. If you need detail of river and lakes covering all of North America the map would need to be huge, like a gymnasium floor size.

These folks have nice maps for the wall. Unfortunately the one you are lookung for only comes in US, not NA. I would look at the NA maps they do have. You might find them to your liking.


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National Geographic…
How about… National Geographic North America Physical Wall Map?

You can buy it here…


thanks but still looking
I contacted the Cartographer. They dont have such a map and was surprised that he said he never heard of such a map. Any he gave me some more suggestions that i will look into.

The poster below YOUR response…

you seem to think this is asking too much from a map? I dont need detail that shows ever rapid in N. America. I can get one that shows every highway and road and its not as big a gym floor.

Just looking for major watersheds not really small creeks unless of course they can be lined or paddled.

thanks, I will keep looking


yeah this is a good map
Thanks for this link. Not sure you’ve checked it out but click on the N American map and you can really zoom in on the rivers. Its the best ive seem for sure as to what im looking for.

thanks for the help


N.A. watershed map
Raven Maps once offered a great watershed map. I strongly suggest lamination, though, because the map’s paper isn’t very tough. Good Luck.


Take a look here:


It would be time consuming and data consuming, but such data exists nationwide. You could assemble said data into a file and take it somewhere to be printed at your chosen size.