n.f. vs qcc again

Thank you all so much.I dont think i could have got more helpfull input on this subject anywhere!This web site is awsome.I think you folks that warn of are you realy going to race or do just want to stay with the group are right.I have now located 3 ndk explorers to look at this weekend.From all my researce .And from paddling with them.I think this boat may be a better choice not has fast but more fun.I do paddle in the open ocean some. tomales bay drakes bay and other esteros where you must paddle though the surf to get out in the ocean.Which i must say my tarpon can do.But its a differnt boat good for diving an fishing but not good at paddling with touring kayaks,I am going to paddle the legend to day to see what that is like and try the explorer this weekend.

Thank You All!!

The real question is:
Nigel Foster vs John Winters (QCC designer)

Who would win in a knife fight? Fistfight? What if NF knew Kung Fu and JW knew Karate? Who is the better shot witha dueling pistol?


Inquiring minds want to know.

hmm… that’s a different direction
For a while speed boats like the QCC 700 and the Epic 18 were being discussed. The Explorer is more of an all around boat that is extremely well behaved in all conditions although it is a touch slow. Since it seems as you aren’t racing, the Explorer would be more than capable of keeping up with any group as I’m sure it will take a while for your forward stroke to become so efficient as to really push the theoretically hull limits of the boat. The Explorer vs. the Legend is a much better comparison as they are similar boats. Both are extremely capable in rough water and fairly manueverable. The Explorer is MUCH more stable and even complete beginners feel comfortable in it. The Legend is MUCH quicker and it is fairly unstable until you get used to it. As for rolling, due to the low rear deck, the Explorer rolls better than the Legend. I’d also look really closely at the seams, seat hangers, etc. on the Explorer as NDK has had some quality issues in the past. Still both boats are fantastic and you really can’t go wrong with either one.

I would never count nigel out
he is sort of like a tall lanky yoda, who could snap on you and really slice it up, he has a whirling dervish type of fighting style. Where as John winters is more of the bear or sumo wrestler type who barrels in and has a really low center of gravity, nigel and his long legs better watch out!

Explorer? That…
is moving in the opposite direction. Fantastic boat, but not fast by any means. Not exactly a slug, but the Legend will leave it in the proverbial blocks, and the QCC is head and shoulders above the Legend at fitness pace or above. The Explorer is quite efficient up to a certain speed then just hits the ‘wall’. I used to spend lots of time at the ‘wall,’ as I was bitten by the racing/fitness bug. Bought my QCC for that reason, and the Explorer just hung on the hooks in the garage. I will say I’m sorry I sold it, as it was a good friend in the worst of conditions, a fabulous roller, and a boat that made me look like a far better than I am. That said, watch the QC. Mine was a ‘good’ one, never leaked a drop through the hatches or skeg box, unlike my QCC which has always leaked through the hatches. The seat in the Explorer snapped out though while rolling-although people will no doubt protest, there are enough cobbled examples of this boat out there to ‘caveat emptor.’

Explorer - Legend
schizopak gives a good summary of the Explorer.

It is probably the most forgiving of capable expedition boats. It is very supportive of skills development and makes strokes, braces, and rolls feel easy.

It is sluggish compared to a Legend, but much friendlier. Many of the most experienced paddlers choose Explorers for themselves and their charges (expedition participants and students).

Paddle each and see what you think.

And yes, the QC on NDK boats has been extremely uneven.

Nigel’s about 5’8" mate
stocky as hell.

He certainly does not appear to be stocky in any way shape or form in his series of instructional videos.

Maybe he’s changed…


Nigel McGillicutty may be 5ft 8 inches
Nigel Foster in his DVDs states he is six foot one inches. He states he uses a 216 cm paddle length. Can you imagine, that short for a guy that tall. And when you get over the shortness of it, then it dawns on you that the Tony Hawks of kayaking must get his paddles custom made. Not 215cm, or 220 cm, but precisely 216 cm. Go figure.

Confusing Nigels
Nigel Foster is tall and lanky.

Nigel Dennis is stocky.

As long as we’re at it…

Derek Hutchinson is short and round.

Frank Goodman looks to be tall and average build.

Interesting how
short and round Derek uses, IIRC, a 230 or 240cm paddle whereas Nigel, 6’1", prefers a 216.

Myself, I prefer 215s. My height is 6’2".

After becoming enamoured of Derek’s silly antics in his ‘Beyond the Cockpit’, I may have to get a longer paddle again as the abbreviated sticks do not work as well for the extensions he demonstrates.

I was hoping to try some of Derek’s moves with my new GP but the ice beat me to the draw :frowning:

Having studied Foster’s tapes extensively, I am always amazed at how well he ‘wears’ his kayaks. Seamless integration, if you will.


reminds me that
the two videos ‘Beyond the Cockpit’ and ‘EJs Rolling’ are must, required, gottahaves.

Dooohh! Nigel confusion indeed…
Ahhh, yes, that would be the other Nigel I was thinking of. Lifting a pint next to him in his pub in Anglesey, he was short, stocky, and very much Nigel DENNIS.


Cowboy reentry in a Legend
I confess to punching out of a Legend while demoing at the WCSKS. I’ll assume it was my getting tired not the boat that made me miss the roll but anyway…

So with all those people watching (especially the Seaward guys who wanted the boat back) I figured I’d do a quick cowboy. I got up on the deck fine, but with the boat wanting to sit on one chine or the other (fine when you are in it) and the smaller cockpit than I’m used to, there was no way I was going to get my butt into the seat, even on flat water.

I’m sure N.F. could do it fine and he has the most graceful paddle strokes ever videotaped. I should have tried the reentry & roll.