N. Wis destinations?

We are planning an early Oct. weekend trip. Due to time constraints, we need to look at the eastern side of northern WI. For this trip, we’ll be looking to set a base camp on a lake, and do short day trips. Our crew will be two adults and two 13 year old and one 9 year old boys. We are all experienced and have our own equipment

Sylvania would be great, so would the “Quiet Area” of the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage, but we need to be a little closer to the Green Bay / Fox Valley area if possible. The Pine River Flowage in Florence County is a definite possibility, we’ve been there and like it.

But there must be other possibilities. We are always open to exploring someplace new. Any suggestions of somewhere else we should check out?

Thanks a lot.

cYa, Jim

Just a suggestion…
You never know what the weather will bring, but for a weekend near Green Bay, why don’t you think about Peninsula State Park in Door County. You have options of paddling, biking, hiking, or looking at Light Houses. Have a good one…

Menominee Watershed Canoe Trail



Wisconsin Paddleing books

There are two books, Paddleing Northern Wisconsin and Paddleing Southern Wisconsin. If the water level is high enough there are some nice rivers you could try with an overnight camp.

WI Energies lands
I would caution anybody following the links to the WI Energies Wilderness Shores areas.

Last summer, we headed to the Michigamme Reservoir in the U.P., based on WE Energies websites and brochures and maps mailed from their corporate offices. We set up camp in one of the areas we had been directed to, and shortly got thrown off by the district manager. I showed him emails and paperwork sent from their headquarters as recently as a week prior, which he ignored. He said they didn’t know what they were talking about, and we ought to know that we can’t camp there. No prohibitive signs, trash barrels present, obvious flat tent pads, a privvy, and signs present providing direction to the site, and if we didn’t leave, the sheriff would be on the way. He was not a very reasonable man. We packed up and left, and ended up in a drive-in family campgrounds.

Did I mention that our weeklong trip got pretty well wrecked for our crew of 5 adults and 5 kids?

We had done all the advance planning, and felt we had our ducks in a row. Sometimes that just doesn’t make any difference!

To add further irony, he mailed us sets of maps about the Menomonie River area (also shown on the links provided by KenE). On these maps, the place we got kicked out of was shown as active camping area, come on in folks, enjoy our wilderness, look at everything we are doing for the environment and you recreationists, etc.

Guess what I think about every time I write out a check to pay my WE Energies bill?

I don’t think we’ll risk returning to any of WE Energies lands or waters.

cYa, Jim

WI Energies lands<br />That sounds unpleasant.  Did you ever follow up/hassle the WI Energies folks?

This weekend’s paddle
We’ve been seeing snow flurries for 27 hours now… The wind is howling pretty good. Are we nuts? We still have a canoeing trip planned.

Two of the boys brought notes home from school Monday announcing a “must appear” for all band members at the Friday night football game, so our up north 3-day trip already got curtailed. In light of the current weather and the forecast, we’ll stay close to home and do some short day paddles from a base camp. Bragging rights still require that we camp out Sat. night, tho. We’ve done this late in the fall several times, so we’ll do fine.

The final chapter of this thread will get posted early next week.

cYa, Jim

Good luck
And stay dry.