Na na na na na wth?

NA not available
BO backordered

This is backordered that is backordered what the hell is going on? Everyone spending, covid shortages, this sucks!

Gortex in short supply, mini-cell, and so on. PITA!

It’s literally everything and like nothing I’ve seen before.
Boats and boating supplies, lumber is available if you have the cash. Ammo and reloading supplies are not available. Many tents and other camping supplies. The computer chips they use in cars. It goes on.
I can’t remember such a wide ranging shortage of everything in my lifetime.

Lots on backpacking gear has 4-20 week lead times. Tafetta Nylon and light fabrics (7D, 10D, 20D) is in short supply.
If you needed a hammock quilt for july, you needed to order in March to be safe and April if they were willing to expedite. DCF is getting a price hike and has limited availability.

My company just reduced production of machines because we cant get enough processors for the control, and this is a totally non-cutting edge quad core 1ghz. Supply chains were massacred by rona. JIT works great when everything is going well. As soon as there is any moderate problem that affects the world, bad times ripple out like a tidal wave - its not just 1, they keep coming, just smaller as time goes on.

If you need minicell, contact

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Said domain for sale when it came up in a search.

Clicked on your link it went through thanks ordered 4" x 1’ x 1’.

It’s a great little specialized company.

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Was thinking of an Ikelos 200 CM CF paddle with adjustable length 200-220. I have a 205 & 215. Also a 210 Corrvreckan. Needless to say sold out. Just about every paddle is marked sold out. This is insane.

This is the problem with “just in time” supply chain .
A big glitch and everything stops…

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…Hey Jude

… Hey Hey Goodbye

So possibly the second good thing about the pandemic is instant gratification is being interrupted? The first is savings rates have gone way up.
This is real simple. While everyone was not working nothing got done. As it stands now, not everything is open yet, and a lot of those that are are having hard times getting people to work and materials because their suppliers cant get materials and people to work. You can make lot if you have a CDL right now because shipping is hurting for qualified people. It has always been a problem to get a people who can pass a drug test to drive 80000lb loads on the highways. Its worse now.
This is the cost of locking down by fiat.

It is true for everything, and as we all start emerge into the world again I swear I am hearing about a new one every day.

Heard about the big, visible ones. Getting a number of new cars and at least two models of Ford trucks is a major uphill climb right now, or even getting two keys to a car when you buy it, is becoming impossible due to a chip shortage.

But it is so widespread… Yup, the gas prices are partly driven by not having enough drivers to get the trucks to the service stations. Adirondack Shuttle has a shortage of drivers to get hikers to their start point. There is a particular brand of marinated okra that I crave which hasn’t been on the shelves in several weeks now, and some brands of cat food are running at a shortage. Lumber is sky high, retire-into one story houses are selling in many areas for over asking and a contract in 24 hours.

Funeral homes are facing a casket shortage nationwide even with a big move to cremation, especially wooden ones.

Can’t blame this entirely in the shutdowns, as grayhawk mentions you have to look at just-in-time practices combined with other factors.

Yesterday’s news story was on Amazon Prime Day, a huge discount day that sells out a lot of stuff very fast. But the product is not physically present because sellers were not able to stock up just for this event. One of the Amazon reps reported that she sold out the entire supply available of one then another laptop models in the first two hours of open, cleared out each model in under one hour each.

I get a lot of my food from local farmers etc, so especially this time of year am able to ignore anything other than stuff like TP shortages. But I would hate to be a parent with young kids who had a long list of specific needs including some of the packaged foods.

I was told staffing problems at the factory. Mail people checks plus unemployment money it’s hard to get them to work. Many make more or almost as much to sit home. No travel expenses no wear and tear on a vehicle is a savings.

How does Werner survive if the can’t even produce product?

off topic for sure ; but Celia what is special about marinated okra? Okra to me has an eew factor.

Fried okra is great! And greasy.

I love marinated pretty much anything, and Talk of Texas has a mild version that doesn’t last any longer than Dilly Beans in my presence. But I have been in several stores that normally carry it in the last three weeks, zip everywhere. Only one I haven’t checked is the evil W empire.

Okra is great in soups, as long as someone else makes it since home made soup is not my best work, and while fried is somewhat uncommon around here I like it that way too.

Oh my - just found out about the chicken wing shortage. Nationwide chicken wing shortage sends prices soaring

yes… now the subsitute is chicken thighs…

Looking on the bright side almost anything you own, if taken care of, can be sold for more than what you paid for it. Tractors with 500 hours are selling for more than when they were new. Pickup trucks same deal.

You might want to call my friends at our local indie outfitter shop, Three Rivers Outdoor Company, in Pittsburgh to check on hammock accessories. They have a large inventory of hammocks and I recall they had quilts for them at some point. Nice folks and nice shop (with a huge consignment inventory as well as well stocked lines for hiking, paddling, backpacking and climbing.) They do ship. (note that they don’t list all their inventory on the website – they are a small outfit and can’t always keep up with that).

Those of us who have worked in the infrastructure construction biz have dealt with the JIT headache for decades and it was one of the reasons that I decided to retire earlier than I might have. Delivery of major pieces of equipment, replacement parts and even minor but critical items has become an increasing nightmare, just as deadlines have become more urgent and customers have squeezed suppliers and contractors on pricing such that their ability to make a profit is a nightmare impossibility. JIT rarely contains any slack to absorb the shocks of natural or man made disasters or disruptions. Even when it operates as planned it ends up costing somebody more expense and aggravation than had to be expended when their were solid supply lines and warehoused stock of pieces and parts. Sending production to multiple overseas vendors has further exposed domestic manufacturers to be vulnerable to major upheavals in supplying their goods.

I can only hope that the repercussions from the global disasters of the past decade are starting to cause some reconsideration of the supposed “advantages” of “Just In Time” supply chain management. More often in reality it means “Never In Time”.

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