Nada Chair for bad back?

Anyone here have any experience with the Nada Chair or any of its variants?

I sit and work on various backless stools and find that I tend to slouch throughout the day, raising havoc on my lower back and impinging on my paddling.

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions?


Might work if you don’t have to get up
and down too often.

Kneeling chairs achieve the same purpose. I liked the ones I tried, but never found one that fit my large frame.

Up-and-down with NadaChair
Actually, all Nada Chair products are designed with waist belts that keep the product secured around the waist when you’re up and down. Some users don’t know the carry handles on the Back-Up and SportBacker models un-velcro on one end so they can double as waist belts. Then when you stand, the loops slide off the knees and can easily be replaced when you sit again. Check it out at