Name that canoe brand

I’ve been trying to figure out the manufacturer of the canoe pictured in the link, and I figured who better to ask than the experts here.

My gut feeling is that it’s probably not a Grumman or Alumacraft, but I could easily be wrong. I just expect Alumacraft to have the red & black triangle pattern and blue coloring inside. Grummans seem to mostly have flat seats, or the scoop-type seat in the front. I figured the contoured seats would be a clue, but I can’t place it yet.

My publisher chose the photo from stock photos, and I love the cover…but we have no idea on the make/model. Any guesses? Thanks!

Not Aluminum
Looks like a Royalex hull with vinyl trim, seats look like Old Town’s rotomolded plastic seats. Probably a Tripper, but others may be able to confirm that.

Yeah, you’re so right. Duh.
Forehead slap Definitely not aluminum. How did I possibly miss that?!

I found my highest resolution photo and zoomed in as close as I could. There are definitely not rivets along the keel. What I thought might be hooks connecting the rope to the front of the canoe turns out to be nothing at all. And the shiny gunwale that I took for metal is nothing more than shiny black plastic.

So, yeah, forget all that earlier gibberish. I’m thinking polyethylene, but it could be royalex. Either way that makes a lot more sense given the molded seats. All kinds of possible brands to look for now! Thanks!

Yep, probably Old Town Tripper

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Well, that didn't take long to figure it out. I'd say you nailed it right off, Roger.

Now that I've looked at it from a fresh perspective, I'm almost positive it's either an Old Town Tripper or a very very close knock-off. The seats are pretty much a perfect match, and the end caps too.

And I thought it might take a while to figure this out. Silly me. You guys really are the best. Thanks!!