Name this Kneeling Pad & help with goo.

My daughter has “graduated” from sitting in the stern seat when we paddle (boat backwards.) Last time we went out, she wanted to sit in the bow seat, no longer has trouble reaching the water and appreciates the additional room, no going back now. (Kids grow up too fast!)

I had glued in some Padz for kneeling from the bow seat(backwards) that will not be needed any longer. They really never stuck that good, actually the glue stuck to the hull just fine, but not to the foam. The glue is soft, so should come off with some sort of solvent, but I don’t know what to use. I looked at a bottle of Goof Off, but it says it will attack vinyl. What works to remove the glue from the boat, and not the boat from the glue? (Oh yeah, Royalex boat.)

And, looking to go to a kneeling “T” pad, looks like the options are from Bell or CCS, and then I ran across the pad in the pic below that looks nice, anybody know who makes it? Recomendations between the three?


bad news
It’s a Grade VI pad; you can’t buy them anymore. I have one…it’s nice. I also have the Bell T-pad and I’ll get a CCS pad.

I recommend the CCS pad for you…better than the Grade VI in some ways (lighter and stays in place better…although the Grade VI is a fine pad and worth grabbing if you get a chance). The Bell pad works fine too but the CCS will be more plush than the Bell.

Yes you can buy them
Grade VI pads were resurrected by the Bag Lady Sue Audette.

Here ya go.