Naming your boat

Don’t ask me why but I named my kayak.

I owned the same canoe for over twenty years but I never had any impulse to name it.

Yet I’ve named my kayak.

Is this traditional?

Is it because my (sea) kayak has ocean going potential?

What about painting the boat’s name on the boat?

What about the ancient Greek tradition of painting eyes on the bow?

Any therapy or commiseration will be appreciated.

If it makes you feel good go ahead
Naming your boats is OK.

But according to my wife, bringing them into the bedroom is right out.

Naming your boat

no eyes on bow but,
living/paddling in Grizzly country, I do have a bear paw print on the bow as an offering to the bear spirits and as a reminder to bring my bear spray!

Naming is cool.
Watercraft should have names. I think its great. Little totems glued to the bow and decorations painted on the sides are cool too. Its okay to show pride in your boat and express yourself accordingly.

named mine, but removed after
1 year. I clean my boat regularly and it didn’t want to stay on. Got tired of trying to seal it back on all the time. I named it “Liquid Therapy” It’s still my Therapy though and always will be.

I decided to name all my boats Blue. Even the green or yellow ones. That way when I run a rapid i can call out “Your my boy, Blue!” yes, I said boy. I know one is supposed to use girl’s names, but I don’t really care.

Paint eyes on the bow. Hope this boat is composite, or it won’t last long.

Ryan L.

Only named one

Our latest edition to the fleet is
a 23 foot long 100 pound “Necky Nootka Plus” tandem

After we got the eskimo translation from friend Grayhawk down in Key largo, we named it the “BGD Boat” !

Jack L

named the whole fleet

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Between me and the beau it's just easier to have shorthand ID's for each of the boats, all earned by some distinguishing trait of appearance or handling.
- Willowleaf (long curvy grass green West Greenland SOF)
- The Snow Pea (lime green Easky 15LV)
- Jimi (after Hendrix, a tie dye swirl blue and purple vintage Magellan)
- The Red Squirrel (vintage Perception Dancer)
- The Razzberry (magenta Aquaterra Scimitar with yellow pinstripes)
- Ruby Tubesteak (cherry red Feathercraft Wisper)
- The Barcalounger (Pakboat 15XT, owing to its large and luxurious inflatable seat)

But then I've always named my cars, too. Made the mistake of dubbing my last Volvo (a black on black 850 turbo wagon) "Darth". It proved heinously true to the rep of its namesake in evil deeds.

I'd love to see more personalized designs on boats. I've seen some incredible skin-on-frames, their hulls and decks covered with Northwest Coast Native totem paintings.

Uggghh…only a yaker would name a boat.

vintage Dancer
We just picked up that very Kayak for $70.00

come on…

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Most of the canoeists we know have nicknames for their favorite boats, too (among the names I recall are "Old Blue", "Swamp Rocket" and "Evangeline"). My cousin builds his own wood strippers and each one has a different (female) handle. His wife kids him about the "harem."

In fact, we swing both ways and our OT Guide 147 is "The Battleship" and the battered Grumman loaner boat is "The Tin Can". (only mentioned the yaks because that was what the OP brought up.)

It may be that yakkers are more tempted to name their boats because the connection is more intimate sitting inside a kayak.

Suit yourself if you want to stick with whatever name the manufacturer's marketers plastered on your own boat. Other folks may be more creative and/or sentimental.

your “new” Dancer
Ah, such a classic boat. You’ll soon learn why we call it the “Squirrel”.

We’ve debated trying to build and attach a skeg to it so we can use it as a creeker. The thing has a mind of its own when it comes to tracking.

Naming things
is mostly for woman.

My kids were “the boy” and “the girl” until they were about 15.

Two o’ me 13 canoos
gots names…

Me 1978 vintage OT Tripper - “Mukmukwum”

an’ me MR Guide - “HippieCanoo and Tyler Too!”

De rest ah’ ain’t figger’d out anythang apoopriate yet.



Yup, glas-kevlar

now that’s just plain pathetic
If you are Biblically inclined, wasn’t naming Adam’s job, not Eve’s?