Nantahala River shuttle?

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Just getting into WW. How difficult is it to find someone on the Nantahala to shuttle with? Do I need to be lucky on certain days, or is there paddlers out there just like myself? Is there certain days of the week that would be better for this? I submitted this same question earlier,this being an extention of the last. And thanks to you guys who answered it. Very helpful!

Not hard
If the water is running, they will come.

NOTE that the Nantahala water will go
OFF for a while starting about October 6. They are replacing a generator at the power station. You should check with NOC to find out what the latest is on the generator schedule.

Also, after all the rain, you can go over to the Tuckaseigee for relatively easy runs with outfitter shuttles. One outfitter is way up at the junction of the East and West forks, serving a very easy section of river. Two outfitters serve the “Gorge” section below Dillsboro. They are located near the take out bridge along hwy 74. The “Tuck” should remain busy enough to find company through at least the first half of October. And you know about the Hiwassee…


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If you're taking a private boat on the Nantahala river; you will need to purchase a day permit every day you paddle. Each day the day permit will be a different color; you can't reuse the same one over & over. Don't try, or plead ignorance if you get caught.

Go to the place where they rent rafts & duckies; across the bridge from the store.
They sell the day permits there.
While there, ask them the cost to ride up to the power house put in. There is a charge, but it is minimal. They'll load your boat on the top of a bus that is going upstream with rafters & duckie riders.
You get on the same bus with the rest of your gear, put in, paddle down, and take out where you started. Done it 25 to 30 times; a lot less hassle than running shuttles in my opinion.