Nanty shuttle?

Just got an IK. Was wondering how difficult it is to hook up with someone and shuttle on the Nantahala. I’ll will definitely have my rack on the car.

I’m not sure if there will be NOC
shuttle next weekend because of GAF or Guest Appreciation Festival. On any normal weekend in spring, summer, and early fall, NOC will carry you from the take out to the put in, even will carry your boat, for a few bucks. You need to go to their parking lot at Wesser and go to the big raft pavilion.

I almost always just stick out my thumb, and results in the busy months are quite acceptable. Don’t know if I will be there for GAF.

pretty easy
Either go to the put-in either above Patton’s Run or at Fereby Park and generally there will be a group arriving to put on shortly. Ask them if you can be part of their shuttle, but that will sometimes oblige you to stick with them on the river. You might be able to drive to the take out and catch a ride back up with them, though.

Or just park at NOC. If you stand in front of the Outfitter’s Store and hitchhike, someone will almost always pick you up.