Naples Fl.

I am going to be in the Naples Fl. area for a day on Wed.

Can anyone recommened a place to go kayaking solo, or join a group, club, or kayak shop that has tours?


Robert G

I know plenty of good places

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What distance are you looking for ?

Do you have and use a GPS ?

Are you looking for open water in the Gulf, or river?

There is a great trip In the Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve.
It is a 12 miler, but you would need a GPS or a guide.
If you are interested, send me a private e-mail, and I'll send you my write up and description of it, and any other trips you might be interested in.


some suggestions
Are you bringing a boat or renting one? If you have your own boat, there is a public ramp between Tin City and the Naples Marina that is an easy launch. You can do the “lifestyles of the rich and famous” tour and paddle canals and side channels between the ramp and the Gulf, which is more fun than it sounds. If you are up to 10+ miles you can paddle out into the Gulf or behind Keywaddin Island, but watch the tidal currents. If you want a more natural experience, the Rookery Bay suggestion is excellent. You are also close enough to drive to Everglades City or Chokloskee and paddle some of the Ten Thousand Islands or ENP.

Whatever you do, go early and take water. It has been very hot and humid here and the winds are generally calm in the AM but can kick up by the mid-afternoon