Narrowing down the choices.

What an eye opening experience. The top boats on my original list are long gone. I am 5’9" and about 225lbs. My big thighs and hips are narrowing my choices for me. So far, I fit in the CD Storm, Necky Eskia and Boreal Narwhal. I have paddled the Eskia and Narwhal. I also sat in a Sirocco, Boreal Fjord, Eddyline Phoenix, Capella. All too tight. I plan on paddling the Storm this week and want to try the Eclipse and Tempest 170. Any thoughts on the Eskia as a beginner sea kayak also to be used on rivers and lakes. I am hoping the Tempest will fit.

Try an Eddyline Night Hawk 17.5
It should fit some one of your stature. They are good boats and have tremendous storage if you get into kayak camping :slight_smile:


Looksha 4 hv aquanaut!!!
valley aquanaut well worth a look. Come on man you live in new england get a sea kayak

I will confess to enjoying my beginning paddler career in a looksha 4 hv which is rudder dependant. If I got that boat I would refit with solid footpegs

Eskia not a sea kayak?
Is that what you are saying? Does the 25inch beam nullify it from being an official sea kayak. I will put the Aquanaut and Loooksha IV HV on my list.

You will DEFINITELY fit in an Eclipse
I sat in one and felt like I was in a barrel (5’7" 170lbs.), so I went with the Perception Shadow 16.5 which fits like a glove. I also have a T-170 which is a bit more roomy but not as big as the Eclipse.

If you’re too big for the boats you noted, then an Aquanaut might be too tight fighting. The Argonaut has higher decks and a half inch more beam.

The Eskia is a sea kayak, just not in the same class of those truly designed to easily handle big challanging seas.

Along the coast of New England, you have acces to a great array of boats and some fabulous padling.

you may want to give the QCC-700 a try. It will handle your wieght and is well made and fast.

Forgot to mention
my $1500 budget. It’s either plastic or a good deal on fiberglass.

Go To CRCK And Demo

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here's their current list of used and off price boats:

I honestly don't think you should to be too concerned about what's a "sea kayak." Just try the different long boats and see what fits comfortably but allows you to edge and lean a bit without feeling too unstable. This is the important piece when moving up from rec boats. Then go for it. Most folks will tell you that their first boat (in any particular venue: rec, tour, ww, surf) is just that, the FIRST. If you like it, you'll upgrade to another boat within a year or two. Thus, buy cheap and used.


Thanks Sing
I have been to CRCK. I did a dry fit in the Sirocco and Storm at lunch last week. I plan to go back and try the storm in the water. They also have an Eclipse and a Tempest 170 that I want to try. Like many of you have said. I could try boats for the next 2 years and never actually buy one. I will demo 3 or 4 more on the water and choose. Thanks to all for your suggestions and insight. PNET is a great resource as usual.

Never even seen it
didn’t say it was or was not. Know the two I suggested are very capable.

I bought a Tempest 180 from Doug at Billington Sea Kayak this winter. Great guy and a great shop with a large variety of boats on hand. You might want to check him out if you haven’t already.

I’m 6’0" and 250 lbs. and the 180 is a perfect size for me, so the 170 sounds like it may work for you.

CD Storm
I am roughly the same build 5’-10" 225lbs. and just got a new CD Storm last week. It fits perfectly! The Sirocco was too snug and a Solstice GT required a shoehorn and some grease, I would have had to go up to a Titan which was out of my budget.

It is very stable, fast and manueverable for its size and mind for that matter.

I got a 2005 Storm, pfd, bilge pump and paddle for a little over $1500 so you are in the ballpark.

Good Luck!

I demoed the Eskia and Narwhal at BSK
Great place. You must be the guy from New Hampshire he mentioned that bought his last Tempest. He doesn’t stock a lot of plastic boats longer than 16’.

Good info to know.
I was thinking about trying a Solstice as well. Probably won’t work. Any other boats fit you well while you were shopping?

Let me know if you like the Eclipse. My mechanic has a KV one that he’s wanting to find a home for. Wants to get an Impex Currituck instead.

Have fun and if your down in the Hudson Valley, NY way stop in and say hi.

See you on the water,