Nasty bubbly goo....

What is the bubbly goo that Dagger uses to seal it’s bulkheads? It’s not silicone (maybe should be?) and doesn’t really seal well. Lots of bubbles in it.

Anybody know of a better sealant for polyethylene boats with foam bulkheads?

My ignorant guess would be urethane.
There’s a variety of urethane adhesives and gap fillers that tend to bubble up when squuz out.

If Dagger made a mistake, it might be that the bulkheads were not in tight enough to allow for mechanical working and/or temperature expansion and contraction. Poly just doesn’t much like ANY adhesive (though there are always new candidates with new claims), so while a urethane might kind of stick at first, if mechanical or temperature differences pull the hull and the bulkhead away from one another hard enough, the sealant may pop away from the hull. Look carefully to see if hand pressure seems to pull the hull away from the sealant.

Necky had a factory procedure used on my plastic touring boat, and they swear by it, but my boat has not been in service long enough to draw conclusions.

I personally do not think that silicone sealants would be the way to go here, but let’s see what others think.

most likely it is Lexel
you can find more info by searching for that here in the forums…

no silicone-makes it so that nothing will ever stick to the places again…

It bubbles sometimes and is a mess when it gets hot or old.

You can buy it at Ace or a good paint store. Do not try to apply Lexel over the old sealant. Been ther, done that. Remove the old sealant, clean it and reapply. Do one side at a time and let dry before you do the other side. Make sure you do both sides.

Note: Make sure the bulkhead is completely dry otherwise if it gets hot the moisture will turn to steam and blow a hole in the sealant.

I heard that…
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