National Whitewater Center in NC

Well I am in Charlotte this week for training and after work yesterday i drove three miles to the National Whitewater Center. It was already about 6pm so not too many people around but what an incredible place! 25 for the day if you bring your own boat. they have class 2 through 4 runs plus flatwater.

they will not rent you boats so you are either in a boat of theirs with a lesson and instructor (liability issues) or your own gear.

Costs are 55 for instruction (boat gear etc included) with 4 people in the class for two hours or you can have private instruction for 80 bucks for an hour and a half.

Class 2 looks doable and 3 is gonna be a hoot. the class 4 stuff may have to wait for another day but who knows…I may just run it staying straight down the middle just to experience it.


I got some pics that I uploaded here:

Nice park
Thanks for sharing the info; it looks like worth it to spend a weekend around there!!!

My brother was just up there
He said it was a blast. He’s actually moving up there for work so now I’ll have a place to stay. :slight_smile:

I recognize all of those Lake Murray pics (I used to live on one of the coves near Pine Island).

trying for this weekend
but if not then definitely the next. It is only a two hour drive all told so no excuse to not use this.

I figure it can only make me a better paddler having to deal with stuff like this and it being in a controlled environment is just gravy


This Thursday
I’m in Charlotte for business Wednesday night and Thursday morning so booked an instructional session for 2:00 on Thursday. Can’t wait to see the park and learn a few things!

excellent pics Paul!
see if you can sneek in your new Hunter :slight_smile:

Some General Questions
I’ve been thinking of swinging by the Park next time I’m in the area just to take a look and have a few questions.

What’s the park like? Is it good for just observing? Is their an admission fee if you’re not paddling? Any other general info on the park would be appreciated.


A couple of answers
It is free.

It is great for viewing.

There is a walkway along the side of both runs, and you can get up close and personal wih the paddlers.

It is awsome to watch those guys running the gates in the big water training for the olympics.

Bring a lunch and enjoy the show.



Another place to try
Try a visit also to Nantahalla Outdoor Center in Bryson City, N.C. Great kayaking and rafting there. Lots of hydraulic action. Also great campground and places to stay for 16.00 night/share shower facility and kitchen.

took the plunge

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Wednesday 2 pm ...1.5 hours instruction

those of us who quite possibly are about to have a cracked head salute you!


Finally made it
I had to cancel my initial scheduled class at the NWWC in Charlotte in May. Was back down there on business today and scheduled an instructional session for the afternoon. What a great facility.

My whitewater experience is pretty limited and it showed, but picked up several useful things and some good experience working with the instructor. I do have to say that the quality of instruction is probably going to vary greatly, particularly this time of year as it appears they add lots of staff for the season.

Had to dodge the rafts in a couple of sections (the raft outings for families, work groups, etc is apparantly the piece that makes the park financially feasible right now), but plenty of open water with stong eddies to really practice in.