Native canoe paddle/Wildfire Corp.

Any information would be appreciated…

Stumbled onto a bent shaft paddle made by the Wildfire Corp?

Have never seen a paddle made by them; never heard of the company before?

Paddle is a bent shaft, 53 inches in length, with a dark blue shaft,and a grayish/off white colored blade.

On the paddle face is the following printed information:

Native (may be the model of the paddle?)


Wildfire Corp Redmond, Wa.


Quality of paddle?

Original retail cost?

Age of paddle?

Company in business when?

Shut down operations when?



I have exactly the same paddle Bob
And I don’t know any more about it than you do.

I do know that it will not hold up to much abuse, however. The blade edges will chip readily it bashed against rocks or the side of the boat.

I found that the blue color on the shaft and grip was bleeding onto my hands, so I wet sanded it off. Now the whole paddle is gray.

the stright shaft version
I’ve had a straight shaft canoe paddle for 30 years, marked "NATIVE graphite-epoxy-fiberglass composite - Wildfire Corp - Redmond WA USA - Light-ST. I used it for many years of whitewater paddling, including one trip through the Grand Canyon. I bought it for $20 from a friend of a friend who had found it floating down a river somewhere in New England. It’s a little beat up, and has a tad of a crack or delam going up the shaft, but we still use it as a spare and loaner - it was running whitewater yesterday. Dunno who or what the Wildfire Corp was though, and I’ve never seen another one of them!