Native kayaks

I’m looking for info from other owners of Native brand kayaks. I’m in the market for one and with all the variety out there I’m looking for the plus side and negative sides to a sporting canoe for fishing. I’m open to other brands and I’m not sure what accessories or the size I should be looking at. any comment will be appreciated.

thanks ahead of time


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Sporting canoe?
Could you clarify the question? As the supporting info is actually worded, it seems as though you are calling fishing kayaks sporting canoes, but I wonder if you really wonder about fishing kayaks “as compared to” a sporting canoe. In that case, it would also help to know what you mean by “sporting canoe”. I’m guessing it’s a tandem (two-person) canoe that’s very short and wide. As an unabashed fan of canoes, I’d suggest also comparing to some basic solo canoes of somewhat sleeker design, if the canoe comparison is actually what you have in mind, but I won’t comment on any of that just yet.

Native Ultimate

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I have a Native Ultimate 12 which I use primarily for wildlife photography & some fishing. It's very stable, paddles easily & the seat is so comfortable (like sitting on a lawn chair). I only paddle smaller wind protected lakes. The boat sits pretty low in the water so rougher water could be a challenge.

Here's a website that focuses on Natives