Native Marvel 10 vs. Old Town Dirigo XT

Can anyone help me from experience in choosing between these two? Despite its slightly greater expense, I’m leaning toward the Old Town – largely because of legroom, something I find odd since I’m only about 5’10" and have never thought of my legs as all that long.

I wish the Old Town weighed less, but I also like the cupholder and hatch in front, the greater deck height, and extra length to the bow. Finally, it’ll take a spray skirt, while the wonderful, but high, seat of the Marvel rules that out.


What lake?
Your profile says northern Michigan. If the lake you are talking about includes any of the Great Lakes, none of the above.

Dirigo XT 106
Didn’t realize the title had been cut off 'till I posted.

So it’s a 10-footer vs. a 10 and a half-footer.

Not really open to a longer, heavier boat or one costing more than the $480 cost of the Dirigo.

Emotion kayaks
Emotion Kayaks have at least 3 or 4 sinks that would work for you and are light as well, plus they can take a spray skirt. Price on them is pretty good to.