Native Redfish Angler 10 - Beginner Yak?

Last weekend I had the opportunity to kayak a bit. My wife and I had a blast and are very much interested in doing more. We live in South Louisiana so there is lots of opportunities for us to go exploring.

I found a Native Redfish Angler 10 on Craigslist. Its listed for $450. It looks like it is in excellent shape. Included is a paddle, anchor, cover, and cart.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this kayak or deal? Any feedback would be appreciated.

I don’t plan on doing much fishing, but I like to have the option. I’m mainly looking for a stable kayak with decent storage for possible camping gear, ice chests, etc.

I wish you were going for a 12 rather
than a 10. There are a number of reviews on Google. Also note that PNET (here) has a fishing forum where you might find Redfish owners.

I paddle a few times a year near New Orleans. A SOT kayak is less susceptible to wind than my canoes, but a ten footer will have less ability to buck currents on the Pearl and similar more active rivers like the Bogue Chitto.

Thank you
Thanks for the response. I will check out the fishing forum. What footer do you recommend?