Native Ultimate 12 or 14???

Anyone out there paddled a Native Ultimate 12 or 14.7?

I’m curious on speed between the two, fishability, comfort etc.

I’ve heard you can raise the seat up on the gunwales. Anyone done that for better sight fishing?

I’m used to paddling a Tarpon 140.

Thanks in advance for the input!!!

ULT 12 …
hi i have the 12’ model …ok for calm waters.( haven’t had it in rough water or fast streams) very stable …kinda heavy for it’s size …no current kayak cart fits any of the tunnel hulls very well to make transport over rough terrain easier. I noticed I tend to get a lot of drip off the paddles into the boat, getting my lower pant legs wet. 2 poles and a couple of tackle softbags/ anchor/ rope/small cooler/bait bucket and the boat is full. i find the skeg isn’t of much use and robs the aft floor of useable space. the seat is comfortable.

test paddled the 14 , pretty much the same as the 12, with exception it’s harder to control in a wind. either one loaded and there is not the freeboard one would expect. both sit low in the water. neither boat is “fast”. both are good stable platforms for fishing / wildlife viewing. never tried mounting the seat up on the gunwales but plastic base is too flimsy , in my opinion, to support weight in that manner …they are removable for use on shore. i use Yakima foldown J-bars and the 12’ boat just barely fits properly due to the tunnel hull design. Despite it’s flaws, it makes a good pond boat or back bays/ calm water boat.

I’ve paddled both
The Ultimate 145 will allow for more gear and a bit faster and a bit straighter in paddling. The 12 is more maneuverable in moving water and lighter weight by 10lbs. Both seats are very comfortable. The seat can be moved to rest on the gunwales but you’d need to re-enforce the seat bottom with something. I’ve seen folks just use a wood plank to lay across underneath the seat.

The boats seem to be better suited for flat or slow moving rivers. I’ve had one in class II or so and it was a pretty wet ride. The sides are fairly low so water flows in quickly if you’re sideways and leaning up stream.

Thanks!! I was actually able to paddle both the 12 and the 14.5 today. I really liked the 14.5. I had my GPS with me and was able to get the 14.5 up to 6.1 mph. I could only get the 12 up to 4.8mph. The 14 tracked way better and the 12 tended to wag a bit. I was able to stand and paddle in both of them, easier in the 14.5. There was 1.5 foot waves and the 14 stayed dry, while the 12 was wet from taking on waves. I placed the seat on the Gunwales of both boats and paddled without any problems. I weigh 200lbs and it was plenty strong enough to hold me. I think i’ll get the 14.5. Cant wait!!!

Anyone know if there is a difference between the 2008 and 2009 models?

more info …
i installed the front spray deck on my 12’ …it really helps keep the water out for that ocassional wave that slaps the front bow. however…the skirt is not a item one would take off and put on frequently …it goes on pretty tight.the netting on the skirt is handy for sticking your paddle in when at rest. also i recommend you get the little on-the- backside of the seat pouch…it’s handy.