Native "Ultimate" Transport ..

I was curious if anyone has a Native “Ultimate” and if so, what do you use to transport it with (ie type of rack and or attachments; ‘J’ rack, vertical bars, or flat like a canoe…) We currently have a Liquid Logic “Manta Ray”, which is of similar dimensions & weight, and we use ‘J’ racks and have for years. I’m just looking for others means of trasport, I’m not neccessarily looking to replace my ‘J’ racks. Thanks

Ultimates don’t like J’s
The shape of the boat just doesn’t seem to work. Your best bet is to carry it upside down and treat it like a canoe.


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I use j-bars ( yakima folddowns) also. I also have a set of Yakima saddles that work too. Saddles are easier to load , as I have a SUV roller that fits in the door seam along the top of the rear door. All depends on what else one is carrying on top rack. I agree the j-bars can be iffy for fit , but the yakima folddown's i have will carry it, at least the 12 footer model.