Native Versa Board

-- Last Updated: Mar-24-10 5:10 PM EST --

Looks like Native Watercraft has done it again! Check out their new line of paddle boards. The Versa Boad looks like the perfect minimilist fishing kayak/paddle board. I haven't tested one out yet, but when they do come in I'll be there to give it a try. These paddle boards are due out sometime in April. I think they'll be selling for around $850-1000. I haven't seen the set price yet. I'm trying to post photos. Stay tuned!

Here are some photos.
There are some shots here of the first board out of the mold. I am very excited about the Versa Board its truly a one of a kind stand up paddle board or sit on top.

Things to look for.

Swivel Seat

Spring Loaded Skeg

Lots of storage on deck

Tag a long wheel

Its a super versatile craft


Those are the Liquid Logic version.
Though the same company, they seem quite different. The Native is flatter, and the LL version seems deeper.

Both websites have detailed specs and pics of their versions.