native water craft????

i’m looking for a fishing yak for calm waters (lakes) and slow to medium moving tidal rivers (the potomac)

i’m looking at the pungo, but now two dealers are pushing the native…has anyone had any experience with these boat



There’s a thread on the Native and

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Mad River Synergy that may answer some of your questions. A lot depends on how much paddling yhou plan to do. As for me, I'd rather the Pungo or a solo canoe, but I'm partial to sit insides and canoes. The thread is on the Advice board.

Pungo, Native
I’m a Pungo fan (it should have been my first boat, went another way but that’s another story) but I’ve been checking out the Natives and, so far, have only looked at and sat in one. I looked at one of the 12 ft base models (can’t remember the model) but it looked to have the potential to be a great fishing platform. The hull seemed similar to that of a WS Ride…kind of a double pontoon shape. Also, it had a really comfortable seat and some nice features like the skeg with the control lever right at your fingertips.

Native Ultimate Design
It was designed to be able to stand in calm water and fish. It’s a flats/lake sort of thing. I have no idea whether or not the design is successful, so please don’t take what I said as a recommendation. It might be good, it might not.

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Just got one recently…
I bought the 12’ and I have to say that it is a pretty fun boat.

I have a Pungo but wanted something a little more open for fishing, so I bought this boat and it has been great. I just finished a review of it on the Product reviews page, here:

Hope this helps.