native watercraft 14.5 magic?

hey everybody, im still looking for a kayak, and i have found the NWC 14.5 magic, and it is the absolute most comfortable kayak i have come across yet, in every way. i will be using it for saltwater fishing on the chesapeake bay. other than controlled demo conditions, i dont know how this yak handles, and i was told it is best kept in sheltered calm waters.

my question is, can the magic handle the same conditions a ocean kayak prowler 13 can? if so, i will be more than happy with the magic. my question is not about what conditions a kayak in general can handle, but how the magic compares to other boats like the prowler, and what IT can handle as far as chop and breezy open water. thanks for any info.

Why do you nominate the Ocean Kayak
13 for comparison? A 13 footer is likely to be a foot or more short as an ocean craft. Remember that very few of us will have paddled, or know about, either craft. We’re still struggling to master the Pamlico 14.5.

am i missing something? the pamlico 14.5, as far as i can tell, is a tandem, while the magic solo and the prowler 13 are singles. im not sure what your reply means, i just picked the prowler, cuz i know its a proven yak, and compared it to the magic. how about i compare the magic to the prowler 15? would that make it easier to help me?

Native makes a very good SOT.
Really heavy , but rides dry for a SOT, little affected by the wind,and quick.

It was a Pamlico in joke. Hope you
find some people who have at least seen what you’re thinking about buying. If you want more comments, suggest you post links to pictures and info for both boats.

Native vs OK SOT
You might want to try your inquiry over at the site focuses on SOTs. You might have better luck finding someone who has experience with the boats you are inquiring about.

sorry i didnt give any links or more info, a couple forums ive been on dont want links posted. thanks for the info, ill check out the other site.