Native Watercraft anyone?

Anyone own paddle/fish Native Watercraft?

Manta Ray 12 Angler
I bought this one late spring/early summer this year.

I do
I have a Manata Ray 12 Angler package.

Something I can help with?

native kayak
have a ultimate 12, been paddling 3 summers, great kayak,VERY stable, very comfortable removable seat… for calm waters, small lakes, and slow moving rivers. Not made for big rapids or waves.

Naive WC
I just bought a Native Mariner 12.5 w/propel drive. I love it so far. Looking forward to the new drive upgrade reducing prop pitch. I plan to use it to fish the Texas flats. Anyone else with NWC experiences? Wondering why this site doesn’t include NWC?

Manta Ray
I bought this manta Ray 14.5 a year ago and I love it. The thing I love most about it is it rides high in the water so you stand a real good chance of staying dry. I weigh 280 and still have 4-5" above the water that beats 3" on my old caster 12.5. It has plenty of space and setting it up for fishing was easy. I didn’t spend the 30 or 40 dollars for the flat pieces to mount rodholders I just went to Walmart and bought a small ABS cutting board. I did find that the paddle holder had trouble holding the paddle with the drip shields. A fishfinder makes it even better.