Native Watercraft compass

After getting so manyu responces from all of you, and thank you I was looking at some sites and came across the compass. Funny because its not listed in canoe or kayak reviews anywhere. It looks like a canoe with its seat on the floor. Has anyone every paddled this boat or heard anything about it good or bad?

I have the Ultimate 12

– Last Updated: Jun-25-09 8:12 PM EST –

I have the Ultimate 12 and love it for fishing the rivers. The seat is great and I like being able to stand easily. It also paddles pretty good. The Compass looks more like a canoe but has the same seat so I am sure it is comfortable also. It looks like your feet may be a little higher in relation to the seat than in the Ultimate. And I would be suprised if you could stand in it as easily as the Ultimate. I believe I would also miss the some of the assessories that you can put on the Ultimates. This one does seem like it may handle a little rougher and may be a little faster.

As always, it likely depends on what you are going to use it for. I say for fishing the Ultimate may be better. For comfortable canoeing the Compass may be better. The Compass is also much more expensive.