Native Watercraft - Ultimate 14.5

-- Last Updated: Oct-22-08 8:23 PM EST --

Does anyone have experience or knowledge about the Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5 Tandem?
My main questions does anyone know of any bad features for this tandem. The design give the appearance to be very stable and has a true tracking. There seems to be a very good design for attaching accessories to the gunwales (adapt-a-trak). The tunnel hull that produces outstanding stability.
Thank you

Why don’t you start with what you want
to know? I’ve seen them, test paddled one someone I know has, and have seen it paddled solo and tandem both. I probably don’t have the knowledge you’re looking for on the subject, but without a specific question, no one else will know how to respond.

Just a suggestion to get you more help.


Here’s what I can tell you…
Have paddled solo and tandem. It’s a hybrid design with a unique hull configuration that allows stand-up paddle or poling. Seats very comfortable and removable for “beach chair use”. Cup holders are not really useful. My dog loves riding in Ultimate, but bring a bath mat. Tandem can be configured to paddle solo. Very stable, lots of room in solo config. Load rating as a tandem is a little light, but it’s easy to paddle and comes with a ton of optional gear. Go to their web site and check out options and videos. Very informative. Given the choice, I’d buy the tandem for flexibility.

Tons of weight.

Tons of skin friction, drag, due to excessive surface area.

Maneuverability wildly compromised by quatra hull design.

On the other hand, a stable hull for those who want to stand to fish rather than paddle.