Native Watercraft Ultimate on Roof Rack


I am getting ready to purchase two Ultimate 12’s and trying to figure out how to transport them. I have a yakima rack and trying to figure out how to mount both of them up there.

I have 48 inch crossbars so I was hoping I could use some type of j shaped cradle.

They have quite a different shape than most kayaks so I was hoping someone with experience transporting these could help me out.


Some thoughts
The Ultimates seem to ride best when loaded like canoes upside down. You would need longer crossbars before that would work. I’ve also seen them loaded with kayak stackers which seem to work ok. Be careful when cinching them down with stackers because the hull is easy to flex if strapped too tightly. Depending on how far apart you’re crossbars are, the J-shaped cradles may work as well. The Ultimate has a funny shape and may not fit correctly in the J cradle if your crossbars are very close together.

My first choice would be to go with longer bars. The accessories usually run $130-150 and crossbars $60-70 so you’d actually save a bit of money and have a more secure ride. Hope this helps.