Native Watercraft ultimate or pungo 120

I’m trying to decide between a native watercraft ultimate 12 or pungo 120. I will use the boat for fishing mostly in lakes. Anyone demo both boats or own one or the other I would like your opinions. I am about 5’7" 160 and will demo both boats soon. If anything I should concentrate on while demoing please let me know. Any other boats I should consider, I’m open for suggestions. Is the speed of a pungo that much better than the ultimate? Is the fact that you can stand in the ultimate and site fish make up for it’s lack of speed.

Have both
My husband has both. He doesn’t fish. I know he can carry lots of stuff in the Native but the Pungo is faster. He can stand in the N.W. but not the pungo. He prefers the pungo over the N.W… He has his N.W. for sale. KK

If fishing is your main objective
the speed difference isn’t great enough to worry about. Get the Native, its a better fishing craft. Lots of room for gear and good stability. The Pungo is a great fishing kayak, but, hands down, the Native is much better.

You may also want to consider an SOT. Go look at for ideas about what makes a good fishing kayak. For the most part, except on the fishing board, pnetters aren’t fishermen.