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can anyone give me some positive reviews about the ultimate 12 or 14.5 solo. i have had a serious back injury so need something very stable and good to fish from. i like what ive read but would love to hear from u guys. i hope im looking in the right direction.

The boats are primarily marketed
to fishermen. They are very stable, you can stand in them for fishing…depending on your balance, etc… You’ll find reviews on and The Ultimate is fine for what it is, but its also a bit on the heavy side. From all I’ve read,they paddle fine with a double blade, but aren’t as nice to paddle as a solo canoe.


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There were several reviews here at P-Net, most of them fairly positive:

I paddled the Ultimate 12 myself on a short demo last year. It was light (as compared to many comparable SOT models), tracked well (even without the skeg deployed) and maneuvered well. The seat was cool and comfortable being made mostly of a mesh type fabric. As I paddled a demo model that was also used as a rental unit, it had a bit of wear and tear but I still had bigger quality and "fit and finish" concerns. Both the seat and the foot pegs slipped out of adjustment when put under the most modest amount of pressure. The skeg cable was kinked (or possible a clamp that held the guides in place was missing) and the skeg would not deploy. I would have probably have ranked it about a 6 or 7 pretty much in line with those others here on site.